Artery is a community and platform designed to bring people together for intimate cultural experiences. The company’s mission is to help people feel connected to their neighbors and community.

Project Description

The Artery platform leveraged technology to help people find and host unique gatherings near their physical locations. The coronavirus pandemic presented Artery with a unique challenge. People could no longer gather physically, and the most popular video conferencing tools were mostly designed for meetings. So how could Artery gather people online in a way that doesn’t feel stale, dry, and corporate?

Together with X-Team developers, Artery created Bramble, a video platform that recreates the dynamic and fun nature of social gatherings. Bramble lets anyone open and join virtual worlds with different themes and different rooms where you can watch videos, listen to music, and hang out with your friends, family, or colleagues. Bramble is designed for gatherings, not meetings.

Tech Stack Used

Bramble is a complex product to build because it is so different from all other virtual conference or livestream technology. When Artery contacted X-Team, they needed full-stack developers who could dive right into a rapid product iteration cycle and who were also specialists in WebRTC.

X-Team found those developers for Artery. From the start, X-Team developers were involved in many aspects of Bramble. They pitched feature ideas, built UI components, gave feedback on the technical feasibility of features, worked on the backend side of things, QA’d features, and even dove into game development.

The X-Teamers helped build Bramble with a variety of technologies that included:

  • Firestore for the database
  • PixiJS for game rendering
  • Express.js for the server


X-Team built Bramble’s codebase in such a way they could rapidly implement features and find and fix issues without problem. They were productive from the start and required minimal supervision. As a result, Bramble went from zero to beta in less than five months.

“We’ve worked with a lot of contractors but X-Teamers don’t feel at all like contractors. We constantly forget they are and that’s why we keep wanting more and more of them. They really operate as part of our core team full-time. They really own our product as their own and aren’t just hired hands, and that’s the ethic we want to keep scaling.” – Vladic Ravich, Cofounder Artery

Today, Bramble has thousands of people on their waitlist and Artery’s monthly recurring revenue has doubled every month. Artery worked together with X-Team developers to successfully adapt in a moment of crisis. With Bramble, they are recreating the magic of their physical gatherings online.

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