An X-Team Season is a period of multiple months designed to energize, motivate, and inspire X-Teamers to live their best life while writing great software. Every Season is centered around a particular theme and is chock-full of:

  • Events: community games that may or may not involve zombies. These games are great to get to know other X-Teamers in an interactive, playful setting. All our events are done remotely, although some will encourage you to get outside. Participation in any event is always entirely optional. Here are examples of some of our biggest events: GameCon, STARCON, and the X-Summit.
  • Bounties: challenges you complete in exchange for Vault coins. Bounties are either made by X-Team or by individual X-Teamers themselves. There are bounties for music, gaming, exploring, cooking, running, reading, and much more!
A few of our Legendary Bounties
  • Collectibles: epic gear you spend your Vault coins on. We don't believe in company swag. Instead, we believe in beautiful collectibles that drop on a regular basis. Each collectible is carefully crafted to showcase X-Team's vibrant community.

These are all X-Team Seasons, organized with their respective themes:

Season X: Prove Them Wrong

Season X: Prove Them Wrong turned as one of our most exciting and experimental Seasons yet. In many ways, we had to embody the theme, because the global economy was still wobbly, large tech companies continued laying off people, and our then-CEO had announced his departure right before the start of the Season.

Season X was all about demonstrating that X-Team is more than just one person. It's a community of dedicated, talented people who are as willing to change as they are to work hard, stay positive, and help each other. Read more in our review of Season X.

Season 9: NEXTLVL

Season 9: NEXTLVL was a Season of epic experimentation. There's almost too much to list: We released three music singles that racked up over a million views, we built expansive worlds that deeply connected to the X-Team lore, we walked over seven million steps to donate thousands of dollars to good causes, and so much more.

It was the Season where we defied people's expectations about remote companies. It was a bold, fearless Season where we tried things that sounded far-fetched and crazy at first, but that turned out to become new pillars of the X-Team experience. Read more in our review of Season 9.

Season 8: COMMIT

Season 8: COMMIT was X-Team's biggest and boldest Season ever. For one, instead of a Season's usual three months, it lasted a staggering nine months. And those months were packed with events that had better production values, bigger ideas, more guests, and lots of prizes.

This Season was designed to shake up the formula and give X-Teamers the biggest possible energy boost. It emphasized the importance of committing to what's closest to the heart, whether that's family, a big personal goal, a commitment to mastery, or all of them together. Read more in our review of Season 8.

Season 7: Fight to the End

Season 7: Fight to the End was about not giving up. With the 2020 finish line in sight, we had a choice: we could either coast to the end of 2020 with minimal effort or give it our all for those final few months. We decided to give it our all.

This Season was designed to energize X-Teamers through the final lap of the year. It helped us punch through exhaustion, fight against burnout, and push harder than we'd ever pushed in such a difficult year. Read more in our review of Season 7.

Season 6: Not Done Yet Part II

Season 6: Not Done Yet (pt. II) was a revisit of Season 3 because 2020 urged us to push harder than ever before. We should never stop finding new ways to grow, regardless of the challenging conditions we find ourselves in.

This Season was designed for X-Teamers to once again embrace the mindset of always moving forward. Read more in our review of Season 6.

Season 5: New World

Season 5: New World began at the start of 2020, but it became the theme of Season 5 not because of the coronavirus, but in spite of it. Many of us dealt with the stress and anxiety by diving deep into areas of life we didn't know much about before. We discovered that new worlds are all around us.

This Season was designed for X-Teamers to explore those new worlds and share them with our community. Read more in our review of Season 5.

Season 4: Victorious

Season 4: Victorious was about the feeling of victory, that feeling of exhilaration when you accomplish something you're proud of. It's the result and the reward of your hard work, of the belief that you're capable of doing something great, that you're more than just space dust.

Feeling victorious is important and that's why it became the theme of this Season. Read more in our review of Season 4.

Season 3: Not Done Yet

Season 3: Not Done Yet was about the importance of never-ending exploration. However far you've traveled, however much you've read, however much you've seen, there's always something more to explore.

This Season set us on fire again with the infinite wonders of the world, because the joy of life lies in the journey, not the destination. Read more in our review of Season 3.

Season 2: Wired For Adventure

Season 2: Wired For Adventure was all about adventure, about the thrill of doing something new. It was about removing yourself from the idea that you need to work work work, save up all your money, and go on an adventure once a year at best.

Instead, this Season celebrated the fact that life can always be filled with little moments of adventure. Read more in our review of Season 2.

Season 1: Gear Up

Season 1: Gear Up was all about the gear we surround ourselves with. After all, it's our gear that allows us to lead the lives we love. Where would a developer be without a laptop, a runner without running shoes, a photographer without a camera, a traveler without passport?

In this Season, we asked X-Teamers to embrace their gear and commit to using it. Read more in our review of Season 1.