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India is the second most populated country in the world and holds the 2nd highest population of developers in the world. Yet, it's one of the least popular places for digital nomads. Nomadlist ranks its capital, New Delhi, at #605 (out of 651). So then, what's it like being a nomad in India? X-Teamer Paul McCrodden spent 6 weeks throughout India as a nomad. Here's what he had to say about the trip in our #travel channel AMA: What was your favori [...]

Despite what people may tell you, you don't need an office to create an incredibly satisfied, fulfilled and, ultimately, happy team. I know this because every week when I read the feedback we get from our remote team spread across 30 countries, it usually looks like this: "Even though we are all remote, I never felt as close to a team as this one." - Henrique B. I've been building happy teams remotely since I was 10-years-old using the family [...]

One of the biggest highlights of the year for X-Team was the unveiling of the X-Outpost, our roaming hacker house. Looking back now, what an epic adventure it has been joining the co-living movement. In 2016, the X-Outpost was hosted in 4 countries and 5 cities, including: Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) Naples, Italy Boston, MA Chicago, IL Koh Phangan, Thailand To learn more about how we created this co-living experience for our community of devel [...]

Organizing a remote team retreat is an incredibly stressful job. But it doesn't have to be. I've organized the last three retreats for my team and spent more hours than I can count in preparation for each. It wasn't until the third iteration that I discovered the secrets to a stress-free, productive retreat. I hope they help save you many hours in prepping your next meetup. Hiring a chef is a MUST I'm starting with the absolute most important [...]

Over the last few years, the global workforce has seen some drastic changes. Technology has revolutionized the ways in which people can work. And in many cultures, even the employee/employer relationship has evolved into a more casual, short-term exchange. Despite all these changes, one area that has evolved much slower is the process of acquiring great employees. Long ago it was a “now hiring” sign in the window. Following that era was the class [...]

If you can do your work remotely but you have a family, odds are that “work from anywhere” is not possible. That’s my current situation, but it doesn’t mean i’m jailed at home. First, let me summarize: I work at home, in front of my awesome 27 inches screen on my awesome desk, sitting on my awesome, very expensive office chair, listening to the awesome music I want, every work day of the week while Gollum watches my work. Is this a bug or a featu [...]

Coboat, WeWork, PureHouse, the list goes on. 2016 is clearly the year co-working lost the spotlight to the new movement known as co-living (think co-working, but also living together). Co-living is a brilliant idea, no doubt. And being that our company, X-Team, is 100% remote (spread across 30+ countries), we wanted to find a way to get our developers involved. So we decided to become the first remote company with its own exclusive co-living spac [...]

In a way, working remotely can be likened to fighting a battle— you need to overcome distractions and finish your projects, just as a fighter would need to overcome the enemies and win the war. And to win a war, a fighter needs weapons. So do a worker needs tools to win remotely. But, it’s not just any weapon or tool that works. If you want to win a war, you’d need to select your weapons carefully. If you want to do your job effectively, you’d ha [...]

If you’re looking to hire remote developers or bring in a remote team to add to your own team, the biggest challenge ahead of you will be eliminating “walls” that can create tension. After managing remote teams for many years now for X-Team, here’s how I’ve been able to eliminate those walls as early on as possible and create long-lasting relationships with many onsite teams. It’s all about creating opportunities for your remote team to build tru [...]

I’m sure anyone reading this has Slack channels full of epic /giphy moments going down. And GIPHY’s are awesome, no doubt (especially when it’s totally not the GIPHY you were expecting). But GIFs can be even more powerful in building community, team engagement and overall satisfaction when those GIFs are made by your team. And the good news is you can use a site like andtheniwaslike.co to create a GIF really quickly based on a webcam recording. H [...]

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