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One of the biggest highlights of the year for X-Team was the unveiling of the X-Outpost, our roaming hacker house. Looking back now, what an epic adventure it has been joining the co-living movement. In 2016, the X-Outpost was hosted in 4 countries and 5 cities, including: Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) Naples, Italy Boston, MA Chicago, IL Koh Phangan, Thailand To learn more about how we created this co-living experience for our community of devel [...]

Organizing a remote team retreat is an incredibly stressful job. But it doesn't have to be. I've organized the last three retreats for my team and spent more hours than I can count in preparation for each. It wasn't until the third iteration that I discovered the secrets to a stress-free, productive retreat. I hope they help save you many hours in prepping your next meetup. Hiring a chef is a MUST I'm starting with the absolute most important [...]

Over the last few years, the global workforce has seen some drastic changes. Technology has revolutionized the ways in which people can work. And in many cultures, even the employee/employer relationship has evolved into a more casual, short-term exchange. Despite all these changes, one area that has evolved much slower is the process of acquiring great employees. Long ago it was a “now hiring” sign in the window. Following that era was the class [...]

If you can do your work remotely but you have a family, odds are that “work from anywhere” is not possible. That’s my current situation, but it doesn’t mean i’m jailed at home. First, let me summarize: I work at home, in front of my awesome 27 inches screen on my awesome desk, sitting on my awesome, very expensive office chair, listening to the awesome music I want, every work day of the week while Gollum watches my work. Is this a bug or a featu [...]

Coboat, WeWork, PureHouse, the list goes on. 2016 is clearly the year co-working lost the spotlight to the new movement known as co-living (think co-working, but also living together). Co-living is a brilliant idea, no doubt. And being that our company, X-Team, is 100% remote (spread across 30+ countries), we wanted to find a way to get our developers involved. So we decided to become the first remote company with its own exclusive co-living spac [...]

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