This was originally released as a press article, but we've published it here too for those who are interested in X-Team and how our business model can thrive in difficult circumstances.

After some of the strongest years on record for the technology sector, layoffs are here. Increased demand throughout the COVID-19 pandemic caused many businesses to scale quickly. Now, as economic and political instability shake the market, many of those same businesses are downsizing again in a bid to stay afloat.

The immediate impact of this has been staggering. More than 55,000 technology professionals have found themselves searching for work in a downturned market. Job security has become a major concern for those who remain employed, and workforces around the world continue to bear the brunt of financial cutbacks.

It’s clear that the unfettered pursuit of profit caused many businesses to grow beyond their means, and now they are leaving the same people who made their initial growth and success possible under intense pressure in a turbulent time.

However, for talent-on-demand development agency X-Team, a globalized, human-centric approach has stood the test of time, allowing the business to maintain momentum as they navigate a rocky economic climate.

X-Team has spent more than a decade rewriting the nomad developer lifestyle. They have created a future where developers are able to enjoy the stable supply of work that tends to come with a full-time job with freedom, flexibility, and autonomy.

Their business model allows developers the opportunity to take back control of their lives, confidently building a family, traveling the world, or doing whatever they please without having to worry about whether or not they'll have enough work.

That's possible because X-Team only works with trusted, leading companies on long-term projects. Payments are guaranteed for their community members throughout the duration of their project work, and they are never left hunting for their next job.

Because of their novel approach to engagement, X-Teamers are able to onboard to their client teams quickly, scaling as necessary. This has made them a go-to option for businesses dealing with the highs and lows of industry changes.

Biz Stone, Twitter's co-founder, confirmed the power of their approach when he said “These guys are from the future.” Twitter was one of X-Team's earliest partners, looking for front-end developers to bring its vision to life.

This level of flexibility has led to impressive retention rates, with 98% of X-Teamers deciding to continue working with the business after their first engagement, and a number of community members being active with the business for more than 10 years—a particularly rare feat in the development space.

A man holding an X-Team flag looking over mountains

Founder Dave Rosen described how his early vision for the business continues to inform their success:

“We created X-Team with a vision for a new kind of workplace, where the barriers between us are broken down and people feel empowered, regardless of their location or background. That drive to create something better never dwindled, and we now have a community of 800+ technology professionals in more than 50 countries, working together to deliver outstanding results for our clients and partners.”

The success of this novel approach to engagement is cemented by an unparalleled approach to company culture. X-Team prides itself on redefining what it means to be a high-end developer community, putting more focus on the growth and wellbeing of developers than many other companies in the space.

They do this through a number of internal initiatives, specifically designed to keep their community engaged and energized:

  • Unleash+ Membership: A $2,500 per year fund X-Teamers can use toward activities, learning opportunities, and equipment to help them stay happy and healthy. In 2022, an additional $500 bonus was also added for mental health support.
  • Bounties: Micro-challenges used to inspire and energize the community through Slack. Completion gains X-Teamers access to an exclusive store of company merchandise.
  • Seasons: Annual experiences with a variety of new events, apparel, livestreams, charity drives, and more.
  • Outposts: Semi-funded in-person meetups where X-Teamers come together to co-work, co-live, and explore together somewhere in the world.

Speaking on the power of these initiatives, CEO Ryan Chartrand said the following:

“Our internal initiatives are all about creating an inclusive and energizing space for X-Teamers to thrive. With interactive events that take our community on epic adventures and budgets to help them discover new passions, we’re proud to support our people’s growth personally and professionally.”

X-Team’s unique approach has gathered the attention of some of the world’s leading global brands over the years, leading them to work with the likes of Fox Broadcasting, Sony, Riot Games, and Intel.

Continued client success, a refreshing approach to engagement, and a host of community initiatives mean that the X-Team community continues to grow, unaffected by the turbulence that is currently rocking traditional team augmentation and development houses.

X-Teamers work with the biggest household names, tackle unique challenges daily, and are part of a robust culture that spans the globe. If you’re looking to join a new team where your work can make a difference, get in touch.