Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX), a unit of 21st Century Fox, is home to some of the highest-rated and most acclaimed series on television, including American Idol, The Following, New Girl, Glee, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Simpsons, and Sleep Hollow. FOX is the third-largest major television network in the world based on total revenues, assets, and international coverage.

“X-Team always delivers. Always.” (Fox Broadcasting)

X-Team helped FOX develop and maintain the website for one of America’s largest TV networks on a modern Drupal-based publishing platform.

Project Description

New and increased demands for advanced publishing functionality meant a shift in technology when FOX Broadcasting decided to make the transition to Drupal 7. In a total replacement of the legacy content management system, X-Team contributed to the project organization consisting of multiple vendors on the supply side and a large group of stakeholders on the client side.

With a limited time to implement and high priority from the business, the project required a high level of expertise from the developers as well as great team skills. X-Team contributed with flexible developer resource scaling that accommodated needs as the project’s scope changed.


The existing site was in need of a major overhaul in terms of both technology, process and content. Requirements had changed with market demand and in response, FOX was expecting:

  • Improved tools for content producers
  • Capability for faster implementation of design changes
  • Better integration of 3rd party content providers, i.e. video content and social media
  • A closer relationship with their audience, i.e. the ability to track favorite shows
  • Compatibility across browsers and devices

With requirements changing often and tight deadlines in place, a fixed project scope wasn’t an option as constantly creating new SOW’s would be exhausting and time consuming. An agile team wouldn’t be possible in the traditional project-based setup.


X-Team provided a flexible, scalable and distributed team of 8 full-time developers, allowing for 24/7 development coverage to help achieve their deadlines. The migration to the new content management platform made it possible to:

  • Improve time-to-market through a faster deployment process
  • Implement better video presentation capabilities (clips and full episodes)
  • Integrate personalization, i.e. log in with cable subscription
  • Increase productivity with optimized cross-team process and project management


  • Faster reaction to design changes
  • More up-to-date content, new video added daily
  • Continuous adding and improvement of functionality
  • Higher number of visitors to the website

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