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The Unleash+ budget is how X-Team encourages its developers to keep learning, growing, and doing what they love. More specifically, every developer that joins X-Team receives $2,500 a year to spend on what energizes them.

Keep Moving Forward

X-Team developers have the freedom to build their own life. The Unleash+ budget allows X-Teamers to build out their desired lifestyle without having to worry about money. Whether it's a new mechanical keyboard, a gym membership, or tickets to that JavaScript conference, the Unleash+ budget is there for you.

"I use the Unleash+ budget to pay the entry fees of some of the races I did. I listen to audiobooks when I go for longer runs, for which I use the Unleash+ budget as well." ( Jedrzej Kurylo)

Stay Inspired

Not only does the Unleash+ budget help create the lifestyle you want, but it makes you part of a community of X-Teamers with widely varying and compelling interests. We have cosplayers, beekeepers, digital nomads, board game designers, and more. All supported by the Unleash+ budget.

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Educate Yourself

Developers work in an industry that moves notoriously fast. They cannot rest on their laurels and constantly need to educate themselves. The Unleash+ budget allows our developers to learn new skills without having to worry about the cost of it.

"I used my Unleash+ budget to cover all the expenses related to conferences I attended, including flights and apartments. I already bought a few tickets for this year too!" ( Michał Miszczyszyn)

Go on Epic Adventures

There's no better way to feel alive than by going on an epic adventure. The Unleash+ budget will cover your costs, whether it's for a new snowboard or a guided tour of Tokyo. And if you need a babysitter or pet sitter to explore freely, Unleash+ has you covered too. Go on your epic adventure and come back fully refreshed and recharged!

Take Care of Your Health

X-Team wants its developers to feel good mentally and physically. That's why the Unleash+ budget covers massages, meditation apps, dentist appointments, and so on. Prevention is better than the cure, and you can use the Unleash+ budget for that!

Build the Life You Want

The many categories of Unleash+ aren't fixed. Every Season, we listen to the feedback of our developers and add the most-requested categories. The Unleash+ budget has only ever expanded in what you can spend on.

"Unleash+ is insane! I'm a huge fan and use it every month to buy new games and try out new restaurants. Nice food and new games, what's not to love? As a huge Magic: the Gathering nerd and someone trying to get more into board games lately, I couldn't ask for more." (Ed Rocha)

Unleash+ has helped our developers build the life they want. In turn, this has made X-Team into the vibrant community that it is today. We believe that inspired, motivated developers deliver their best work, and the Unleash+ budget is an important part of that vision.

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