Diversity and Inclusion

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Since our inception, we have sought to create a community where opportunities exist for anyone, anywhere. We believe that a diverse, inclusive community enables our developers to be their true selves and deliver their best work.


X-Team strives to create a welcoming and empowering workplace where everyone feels safe and respected. Not only do we build such a workplace because it’s simply the right thing to do, but also because we believe that it leads to better, more inclusive technology.

If our community is diverse and inclusive, the technology that our developers create will be too.


We hire all over the world. The benefit of being a fully remote company is that we are not tied to a specific location when it comes to hiring extraordinary developers. The world truly is our oyster here.

This means we have X-Teamers who live in Poland, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Japan, and many more countries. This, in itself, has made our community a melting pot of cultures all working together in harmony.


Candidates from underprivileged communities are fast-tracked through our recruiting process. We assign such candidates a dedicated recruiter to guide them through our process. We also give them tips on how they could improve aspects of their application or gain more experience to improve their chances of joining X-Team and making our community a more diverse place.

Do you want to join X-Team and are you part of an underprivileged or underrepresented community? Create an X-Team profile.

"I’ve been with X-Team for so many years and I’ve never felt looked down upon or disrespected by anyone in the company. Being a black-and-white mixed man from Slavic Europe, I’m used to weird side glances. In X-Team, however, this has never happened. For this, I credit the ‘we’re trying to make the world a better place and are all in this together’ attitude that permeates the community." (Ben F., Account Manager)


Each X-Teamer receives an Unleash+ budget a month after they join. That’s $2,500 a year which they can spend in a variety of ways, including on travel, education, and wellness.

X-Teamers use their Unleash+ budget to host meetups related to developer diversity, to sponsor people from underprivileged communities, and to pay for technology that they need when volunteering.

"Despite X-Teamers coming from very different backgrounds and cultures, we’re all part of a sincere and supportive community. I always get the assistance I need and feel like my work is appreciated. I know I’m trusted, but I also know that I can count on my colleagues for both professional and personal matters." (Gosia J., Project Manager)


We have separate Slack channels to give a voice to underrepresented or underprivileged groups in society. For example, we have an #lgbt channel for all the LGBTQIA X-Teamers. Additionally, we make sure we check in with X-Teamers every fortnight to make sure they’re feeling respected and appreciated in our community.


Of course, the road to becoming a fully diverse and inclusive community never ends. We actively embrace new X-Teamer ideas or initiatives that foster more diversity, inclusion, and respect.

We strive to be a diverse, inclusive community that can evolve while upholding and reflecting on our goals, moral values, and vision.

What Does the X in X-Team Really Mean?

Let’s dive deep into the heart of our foundation, the story behind the X in X-Team. You see It’s not just a symbol; it’s our essence, our identity.

The X has two symbolic lines coming together.

The first line is all about service. It bows down, representing our unwavering commitment to helping others, to stand up for those in need. When others retreat, we keep moving forward. Our XDNA is wired to make a positive impact, to champion the causes that matter.

The second line stretches towards the sky. It embodies gratitude, a constant reminder that even in life’s challenges, there’s always something beautiful to be thankful for. It’s about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, the joy in every moment.

Now, when these two lines come together to create that X, that’s where the magic happens. We become a perfect fusion of a servant’s heart and a grateful mind. It’s not just what we do; it’s who we are. We live and breathe service, and our spirits are forever lifted by gratitude.

The X serves as our constant reminder—a reminder of our purpose, our core values, and the incredible impact we can make when we stand united. It fuels our drive to keep moving forward and make tomorrow better than today.

So, every time you spot an X, whether it’s on your shirt or in the world around you, let it sink in. Let it guide you on your journey to make a difference, one act of service and one moment of gratitude at a time. When we rally together with a shared purpose, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

So, thank you, thank you for being X-Teamers, for embodying our values, for shaping the future, and for changing lives.


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