X-Teamers are software engineers who keep moving forward. This is such an important part of X-Team's philosophy that we have made Keep Moving Forward (KMF) the tagline we display prominently on our homepage. X-Teamers believe in the power of pushing through barriers and always finding ways to move our partners' projects forward.

But KMF is much more than just completing a task, then another task, then another task, ad infinitum. That only perpetuates the guilt many remote workers feel when they're not working. It leads to unnecessary stress and, eventually, burnout. KMF is not about work and work alone.

Instead, KMF is about doing the things that make you feel alive. To keep moving forward means going down the rabbit holes of your curiosity, experimenting with things or activities you've never tried before, and always being open to experiences that have the potential to make you feel whole and fulfilled. Practically, this could mean:

But KMF could also mean you do "nothing" for a little while. Nothing is in quote marks because indulging in Star Trek: The Next Generation for three hours isn't exactly nothing. It might exactly be the energizing activity you need to keep moving forward. KMF means embracing the ebb and flow of life, and that means relaxing as much as doing the things you love as much as working hard.

The X-Team community is explicitly designed to give X-Teamers the opportunity to Keep Moving Forward. That's why we have the Vault, Unleash+, Seasons, and so much more. Equally important is that none of these elements of X-Team are compulsory. X-Teamers are free to Keep Moving Forward in whatever way suits their lifestyles best.

Ultimately, X-Team believes that energized, fulfilled software engineers are the most productive too. The people who Keep Moving Forward in their own lives will inevitably be the ones who Keep Moving Forward in their work too. They are the type of reliable, productive, and competent software engineers that our partners are looking for when they want to scale their development teams.