Being an entirely remote and global company, it’s important that our culture is tangible. It shouldn’t only live within Slack channels, you should be able to pick it up and feel it. It should make your eyes grow wide as you hold it in your hands.

That was what we hoped to accomplish, and we’ve certainly done it.

Today we’re announcing the first-ever #unleash box, a beautiful box filled with X-Team culture that you can feel. It makes it tangible and emotional all at once.

The box most notably includes the first issue of our comic book series, *X-Team: Origins.*The issue is beautifully drawn by Jorge Jacinto and Jeffrey Ferreira, and is such a delight to read in your hands.

The box also includes a limited edition #unleash t-shirt, and more exclusives that are unique to each box.

We’ve only created 50 of these boxes and will be sending them to the people who inspire us the most.

Perhaps you’re one of our partners and you launch an epic new site. This might end up at your door.

Or maybe you’re a developer who just #unleashed and finished giving the talk of your life at an event, inspiring thousands in attendance. The #unleash box might appear the next day.

Even a developer who achieves record-breaking test scores in our vetting process could find an #unleash box on their doorstep soon.

We love our community of partners and developers, and we can’t wait to show you the culture we’ve created for you to experience. Be on the lookout.

Bonus: You read this far, perhaps you’d like to read the comic today?