X-Team isn't an ordinary company. Far from it. You may have seen one of our social media posts, watched one of our YouTube videos, or caught whispers about us from other software engineers that left you wondering, what exactly is X-Team?

This blog post will explain. And it needs some explaining, because X-Team is more than just a company. It's a community of passionate, talented, and experienced software engineers. We'll dive into the core of what makes us unique and how we break the mold of conventional corporate culture. Let's go.

What X-Team Does for Its Clients

X-Team is a bridge between the world's best remote software engineers and incredible, innovative companies poised for growth. That's our foundation. We provide great people to great companies no matter their size or industry. Clients include FOX, Riot Games, Sotheby's, and many more.

Access to the World's Best Talent

X-Team has been a remote company from its very beginning in 2006. It's what allows us to search for incredibly talented engineers not just in our backyard, but anywhere in the world. Over the decades, we like to think we've become incredibly good at doing so.

Of course, it's not just about finding talent. It's about retaining talent as well. We'll talk more about it later in this blog post, but we've built a community dedicated to the health, wellbeing, and growth of our engineers. It's why our retention rates are very high. X-Teamers stay with us for years.

For our clients, not only does this mean that they can work with the same X-Teamers for many years if they so please, but those X-Teamers will always be motivated, energized, and dedicated to becoming better engineers over time. It's a giant step up from hiring freelance engineers who don't have a powerful community supporting them and may quit a project halfway.

Exactly the Right Engineers

X-Team's approach is personalized. We don't just blast resumes in your direction. We want to understand what your company's vision is, what your specific requirements are, what your culture is like, what time zones you prefer, et cetera.

Using that information, we find exactly the right engineers for you. Not just the ones who are technically skilled, but the ones who can hit the ground running from day one while also fitting right into whatever team you want them in.

More Flexibility at a Lower Cost

Traditional hiring has many hidden costs, from lengthy recruitment processes to the overhead associated with full-time employment. X-Team is the streamlined alternative where you gain access to great software engineers in less time with fewer additional costs and without being locked in.

To that last point: X-Team allows you to scale your engineering teams up or down as you want. This lets you adapt quickly to external events like a market downturn or an unexpected opportunity you want to capitalize on. With X-Team, you become a more agile company.

What X-Team Does for Its Software Engineers

So that's the client side of X-Team. One side of the equation. On the other side is our community. And we put a lot of effort into our community, because we believe that motivated and energized software engineers write the best code and are generally the best members to have on your team.

Do More of What You Love

One of our core initiatives is the Unleash+ budget. Every year from the moment an X-Teamer joins our community, they receive $2,500 to spend on whatever they love, whether that's new running shoes, fresh produce, a new pair of headphones, a conference you want to attend, books, a babysitter, and more.

The Unleash+ budget allows every X-Teamer to build the life they want without having to worry about money. It's an incentive to learn and grow, take care of your mental and physical health, and go on epic adventures.

Travel the World with the X-Outposts

Several times a year, X-Team organizes an X-Outpost in an exotic location around the world. It's an opportunity for X-Teamers to meet in one location for work and adventure. We've been to so many locations we've lost count. The feedback is unanimous: X-Teamers love the X-Outposts.

The X-Outposts are important, because they're an opportunity for an otherwise fully remote community to meet in person. We like to say that it's where colleagues turn into friends. Of course, the X-Outposts are fully optional. Some X-Teamers visit multiple X-Outposts a year, others never go. Different lifestyles, equally valued.

Experience a Unique Online Ecosystem

Although the X-Outposts and the X-Summit, our annual company get-together, are both in-person events, all our other community interactions are online. Over the years, we've built an online ecosystem of Seasons, Bounties, and the Vault.

The X-Team year is organized into Seasons with special events designed to energize and motivate X-Teamers as the year goes on. We interview field experts, play games for prizes, donate to charities, release music singles, organize special livestreams, and much more.

Within each Season, X-Teamers have the opportunity to earn bounties. These are challenges designed to motivate that earn an X-Teamer coins. With these coins, they can buy incredible collectibles from the X-Team Vault. It's no exaggeration when we say that a large chunk of what X-Teamers have in their wardrobe comes from our Vault.

Our Season events, the Bounties, and the Vault all work together to create a cohesive online experience unlike anything else. It's a large part of what makes us unique and why our retention rates are so high.

Interested in Working with X-Team?

If you're looking for experienced and skilled software engineers who are ready from day one and fit your culture like a glove, send us a message today and we'll reach out to understand exactly what you're looking for.

If you're a talented software engineer interested in joining the X-Team community, create an X-Team Jobs profile and apply for the roles we have listed there. Our job board is updated frequently, so come back frequently and keep applying. To improve your chances of success, we've also written guides on:

We hope this has given you a reasonably good overview of X-Team. There's much more to our community, but you've been given a glimpse. Thank you for reading. We hope to hear from you soon.