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Last year, I spent most of my work trying to bring the potential of my fellow developers into full play. I was pretty confident about the routine I have established. This year, I’m trying out a new approach based on experiences from last year. I’m certain it will help others be more focused on their growth. The background Currently, I take care of 18 developers and their growth. The way we work is mostly based on the approach I have described in [...]

We've decided to start a series of blog posts about the paths that our developers have taken as part of our Unleash program and their journey thus far. As the first example, I’d like to introduce you to one of the most humble and passionate developers I’ve ever worked with. This is the Unleash story of Mr. Kelvin De Moya. The humble beginnings I remember starting my work as an Unleasher in X-Team at the beginning of 2016 and Kelvin was one of the [...]

Welcome to the jungle Navigating the realm of web technologies may sometimes feel like exploring a jungle, especially for those who have just begun their journey. Abundance of programming languages, frameworks, libraries - even though exciting and challenging - sometimes makes one wonder: how and where do I start, since the most valuable resources are scattered around the web? At X-Team, we have developed a program solely devoted to accelerating [...]

According to StackOverflow’s latest yearly survey of 50,000+ developers, these are the Top 5 reasons developers stay happy in their jobs: #5: They believe in your company’s mission. It’s cliché, I know, but it turns out it’s even true for developers. And really, it’s one of the basic truths of life — we all want to follow some sort of mission that gives meaning to what we do. Otherwise, you’re just a code monkey. I’ll give you an example — the [...]

A look into the past… Just a year ago, our Unleash program was no more than an idea, a beautiful concept, a seed we wanted to plant in the, so to speak, fertile ground of X-Team’s amazing community. It offered our developers the opportunity to unleash their potential by giving them all the help they needed to learn and grow. And today, looking back on the past year, I am truly amazed at how much has been achieved; how the seed, from being just an [...]

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