X-Teamers are motivated and disciplined software engineers who bring their best to work every day. That's only possible because they're part of a community where everyone feels valued, included, and empowered. Given that a significant portion of the world's population is neurodiverse, neurological differences are recognized and respected at X-Team.

In line with Global Neurodiversity Week, and as a continuation of what we did last year to celebrate neurodiversity, X-Team recently organized MindMarvels 2024, a week-long celebration of neurodiversity among X-Teamers and their extended families.

What Is Neurodiversity?

Originally based on the word biodiversity, neurodiversity is the concept that differences in brain function and behavioral traits are normal variations within the human population. Neurodiversity includes conditions like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and many others. Recognizing neurodiversity means acknowledging these differences and embracing the unique strengths they bring to the workplace

MindMarvels 2024: A Week of Events

MindMarvels 2024 was a week-long celebration packed with activities designed to engage, educate, and entertain. Here’s what we had lined up:

Scavenger Hunt: Every day of the week, there was a fun and interactive scavenger hunt where participants highlighted something related to neurodiversity. We learned about sensory items for neurodiverse people, symbolic items, educational items, and more. Participants gathered points and those with the most points won an exclusive X-Team prize.

Watchparty: Halfway through the week, we watched Toc Toc, a Spanish movie about the adventures of a group of patients with OCD and Tourette Syndrome (TS) as they wait for their flight-delayed doctor. Everyone deals with their OCD and TS in a different way, which leads to frustrations initially. But over time, they learn how to deal with their own quirks and tolerate the quirks of the others.

Livestream Panel: Toward the end of the event, we organized a livestream packed with games and rewards tied to neurodiversity. We also had an exclusive interview with two neurodiversity experts working in tech. It was a unique opportunity to learn about neurodiverse experiences, what some of its challenges can be, and how we can create more inclusivity and diversity into the workplace.

Why MindMarvels Matters

MindMarvels is more than just a week-long event. It’s a statement of X-Team's ongoing commitment to building an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone. By celebrating neurodiversity, we acknowledge the incredible value of having diverse minds and perspectives to solve complex problems and build incredible software.

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