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Recently in one of our Unity projects, we wanted to allow the user to share an image on Instagram. This sounds like a fairly straightforward process, and it should be, given we’re talking about one of the largest social networks. Unfortunately, the information for this process is scarce and far from consistent. Since the release of our project, some Unity plugins appeared on the Asset Store that supposedly help you do this. However, given our hac

(Note: This is a follow-up post to a previous article on optimisations and best practices for Unity development). This second part in our series will be entirely focused on Unity’s Physics engines. I’ll present, similarly to the previous article, simple topics which are easy to use and will optimise the physics engine usage. Let’s begin! Layers and Collision Matrix: All game objects, if not configured, are created on the Default layer where (by d

We’ve been developing games with Unity for a while. As most of our games are targeted for mobile devices, one of our main concerns on the development process is having our projects well structured and optimised. There are a lot of simple tips and tricks we’ve been using which make all the difference for any project’s overall performance. In order to demonstrate each topic’s usefulness, I’ll be presenting profiling data retrieved from a demo, run

Unity 3D v4.3 was released recently, and it brought with it a bunch of cool new features. We develop mostly 2D Games, so one of the new features we were most excited about was the integration of a native 2D Mode Toolset. With this 2D Mode, the Unity3D team included Box 2D, a 2D Physics engine that has already been around for a couple of years. Obviously using the 2D Physics engine for 2D Games will be faster. But how fast? We decided to create a

Let me start by telling you something you probably already knew when you got here – Unity is hands-down one of the best game development software out there. But why, you might ask. Well, I could probably write a book about it and I’d certainly still leave some stuff out. That’s why today I’ll just talk about one of my favorite features, editor extensions/plugins. If you come from a programming background you’ve probably experienced times when you

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