About X-Team

What exactly is X-Team?

X-Team is a software development company that has spent the last decade building a community of motivated developers from around the world. Today, we provide our developers (individually or as a team) to companies that need help scaling or leading their development team.

How is X-Team different from other software development companies?

When compared to freelance developers, X-Team’s biggest differentiator is that you don’t have to be afraid that X-Teamers will leave your team a few months in to take on other projects. X-Teamers work for you for as long as you like, no matter how long that ends up being. That’s also why we don’t rotate developers. Some X-Team developers have been working with the same partner for years and are as much part of their company as they are part of X-Team.

When compared to software development agencies, X-Team’s biggest differentiator is its community. We believe that motivated, inspired developers write the best code, and have several initiatives to support this, from a $2,500 a year Unleash+ budget to Seasons to a Vault full of epic collectibles. We challenge you to find another software development agency that’s as developer-centric as X-Team is.

Compared to freelancers and agencies, X-Team’s biggest differentiator is its emphasis on becoming a part of your company. X-Teamers aren’t external developers that help you for a while. X-Team developers are your developers. They are part of your team. We are deeply committed to your success and want to be there every step of the way.

Hiring X-Team Developers

How soon can X-Team developers join my team?

This can range from a few days to a few weeks and will mostly depend on your requirements.

Can you provide a team of developers?

Yes, we can. We’ve built teams that have dozens of developers for leading brands such as Riot Games, Fox Sports, and Kaplan. Check out some of our case studies here.

How do you vet your developers?

Big question. Hiring extraordinary developers for our partners is our bread and butter. It’s what we have to be good at, else we wouldn’t exist anymore (tough market out there). But over the years, we’ve created a vetting process that allows us to provide you with high-quality developers consistently. That process starts with our incoming pipeline of applicants.

Because we’ve made a name for ourselves in the developer community, we receive tens of thousands of applications a month. It’s a lot, and it’s why the first stage of our vetting process is automated. When you send us a request for a particular developer, we look at our applicant pipeline and filter for the developers who have the right experience and know the right technologies for the role.

Once that’s done, the interviews begin. We have a team of over sixty people dedicated to choosing the right developers for your open roles. The Cavalry Team, we call them, and they test for soft skills and technical skills over several interviews. We use these interviews to create a list of developers that we send over once we’re confident they will all be immediately valuable to your company.

That’s if we’re sourcing developers from our applicant pipeline. But we also have a whole list of developers who are already X-Teamers and are in between partner projects. These X-Teamers work on X-Team projects or open-source projects while waiting for the next partner project. All these developers embody X-Team values and have completed successful projects for our partners.

Where do you source developers from?

Everywhere. We’re not joking. The X-Team community has X-Teamers from over seventy countries and growing. Chile, Belgium, Egypt, Pakistan, the Philippines, you name it. X-Team has always firmly believed that talent can come from anywhere. When we’re looking for developers, we’re not looking for the best in your backyard. We’re looking for the best in the world.

This gives you the flexibility to create the developer team you want. Are you based in Israel and do you want a back-end team two hours east or west of your timezone? We’ll find the right developers. Do you want a DevOps team that covers you 24 hours a day? We’ll find the right developers. Are you a conglomerate based in the US and do you want a front-end team that helps your Japanese branch? We’ll find the right developers.

Will I get a list of developer candidates to choose from?

We keep our form short so we can focus first on what you need. Once we’ve gained a better understanding of the challenge at hand, we’ll then discuss with our teams and put forth the best X-Team developers for your needs. So yes, you will eventually receive a list of candidates to choose from.

An X-Teamer working from a coffee shop

About Contracts

What’s your minimum contract length?

Ninety days.

Do you provide developers on a part-time basis?

Our developers normally join our partners on a full-time, fully dedicated basis. This being said, if you’re interested in building a long-term partnership that starts with part-time developers, we’re down to chat.

Other Questions

How do I know you’re sending me your best developers?

The best developers for you are those you’re supremely satisfied with. Delivering those developers is our primary objective. Once you have them in your team, we don’t swap them out unless you want us to. It doesn’t matter if you have a hundred thousand employees or four. We will always strive to send our best available developers to you.

What if an X-Teamer on my team underperforms?

Every single one of our partners has an account manager who’s there to understand your requirements and concerns. If a developer isn’t the right fit, the account manager will try to understand why and send you another developer who’s better suited for your team based on their learnings.

Can your developers come onsite?

X-Teamers are remote developers and join X-Team because we’ve created one of the best remote environments. This being said, X-Teamers have in many instances come onsite to visit our partners. It’s something we very much encourage whenever possible and it can be arranged with proper notice and agreement beforehand.

Do X-Teamers use their own hardware?

They do. But a few of our partners have shipped their hardware to X-Team developers, so they have tighter control over the security of the devices that X-Teamers use. This being said, X-Teamers are fully aware of the importance of cybersecurity and use password managers, VPNs on public wifis, and multi-factor authentication wherever possible.

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