Openfit is a wellness and fitness company that believes healthy living should be available to everyone. They provide workout and nutrition apps with live workout classes, hundreds of workout videos, and a personalized meal plan and tracker.

Project Description

Openfit had several apps with workout videos that you could follow along with from the comfort of your home for a few dollars a month. They originally brought X-Team onboard for performance improvements of these apps. But, in the summer of 2019, Openfit decided to add live classes, a personalized meal plan and tracker, and hundreds of workout videos to their apps.

It was an ambitious undertaking perfect for X-Team. X-Teamers were split into several teams to work on different aspects of the apps: payment processing for the web app, the nutrition tab of the mobile apps, the subscription menus, and many others. Together with the Openfit team, X-Teamers created a cohesive experience for subscribers with apps that run on fast, reliable, and maintainable technology.

Tech Stack Used

The Openfit app is written entirely in TypeScript. The strongly-typed JavaScript superset made it easier and faster to onboard new people to the project, because there was significantly less risk of code errors or bugs. Additionally, Openfit’s mobile apps use React Native, which meant that X-Teamers could use their JavaScript skills to use the same code for both iOS and Android apps, significantly speeding up development.

X-Team developers also used the redux-saga library to create a global event bus to connect all of Openfit’s apps. This setup meant that developers spread across different teams, working on different parts of different apps could understand and react to what the other teams were doing. It made the separate aspects of the apps feel part of a cohesive whole.

For the web app, X-Team developers decided on Gatsby because of its performance improvements. They created a pre-production environment that smoke tests everything before it goes live, along with several techniques, from asset optimization to prefetching, to make sure the web app runs as fast as it possibly can.


Together with X-Team developers, Openfit was able to create cohesive, fast applications with great UX. The Openfit iOS app currently holds a 4.8 rating in the App Store and has been downloaded tens of thousands of times. Mashable recently named Openfit the “best app for real-time feedback”, saying that it “gives you access to personal trainers without having to pay a personal trainer fee.”

Additionally, the new Openfit web app is growing rapidly and quickly hit the big milestone of 100,000 subscribers. X-Team developers worked on the checkout of the app and users reported virtually no issues at launch. As a result, Openfit has seen a steady stream of income from the web app without any technical hiccups.

But the work isn’t done. Openfit and X-Team are continuously working to make the app faster and more streamlined. This is reflected in the user reviews of the app, which frequently mention how the app is only getting better over time.

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