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I would like to share a step by step tutorial to build an amazing slider from scratch, using the magic of SVG clip-path feature and animations through the excellent Snap.svg library. If you are very curious to see the final result, it will be something like this (low quality for the sake of the gif format): You can check the DEMO. There you can find some basic instructions for usage and link to github repository, where you will find a more compre

Some time ago we covered the basics of SVG 1.1 in SVG: From Archaic XML to Coding Graphical Marvels, today we will take a step into the future and get familiar with what’s coming to SVG 2. In this article we will focus on a few new Painting concept features. Rest in pieces SVG1.1 SVG1.1 has been in use for years now, the main public being the web development community, a community that embraces open-source and modularization like no other. It’s a

SVG has been gaining a deserved space in the stack technologies used by front-end developers. One of the most amazing things included in SVG are paths, which can be animated to achieve effects like today I will show you. The idea that we will develop in this tutorial is basically a few loading buttons that will be able to give a feedback response, showing whether the button action succeeded or failed. To achieve the desired animations we will be

An introduction to the coolest tech of 1999 Let’s take a short step back to 1999, the time when a 256kbit/s connection was the dream of any consumer, and the sound of a dial-up modem was like a breath of fresh air and a breeze that strikes your sails, slowly pushing you into the unknown, very slowly in fact. Back in those days, the prime bottleneck of the internet was obviously the bandwidth. One of the solutions to lighten up the size-heavy ima

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