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If you've been living under a rock or buried in projects throughout 2017, this is the article for you. A lot happened in 2017 that is setting up 2018 for a lot of action and innovation. You can also use this as a guide to plan out your growth as a developer in 2018 to help you get on more innovative projects. React vs. Vue.js Let's get straight to the good stuff: This time last year, not many had faith that Vue would ever become a big competitor [...]

This final video explains how to connect Redux to React and how to apply the middleware [Redux Thunk](https://github.com/gaearon/redux-thunk) to be able to delay the execution of each action. Pass down the functions made in actions through props. Then, apply an onclick function to the button to call the action that gets information from the API. Source: https://github.com/danyonsatterlee/youtube-examples/tree/master/color-fun Series overview: AP [...]

This video walks through how to set up the actions and reducers for Redux in React. Learn how to set up a function in actions to call the API using Axios. Export the functions to the reducers to set up a default state. Source: https://github.com/danyonsatterlee/youtube-examples/tree/master/color-fun Series overview: API Calls in React/Redux Part 1 — Introduction API Calls in React/Redux Part 2 — Setting up Axios API Calls in React/Redux Part 3 [...]

This video walks through downloading the correct packages using the terminal to set up a React Redux application. We will also download the [Axios](https://github.com/mzabriskie/axios) package to help get information from the API. Set up a container and component with a button. Finally, stylize the project before adding logic in the next video. Source: https://github.com/danyonsatterlee/youtube-examples/tree/master/color-fun Series overview: A [...]

This video introduces how to look up information from an API. We use the [colr.org API](http://www.colr.org/) for this tutorial. Learn how to make a GET request. Finally we will decode the JSON information from a given end point using the tool [Postman](https://www.getpostman.com/). Source: https://github.com/danyonsatterlee/youtube-examples/tree/master/color-fun Series overview: API Calls in React/Redux Part 1 — Introduction API Calls in Reac [...]

It was a normal week day when I decided to apply for a software development talk at my Alma Mater (Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra – Santiago, Dominican Republic), not much went through my head at the moment other than that it would be nice to meet the new generation of CS students and serve as a bridge between what they are learning versus real world execution. While I was preparing for my talk a dreadful thought came to my mind: [...]

Abstract The angular JS framework has become ubiquitous in the front end world. And with good reason. It allows you to abstract concepts such as rendering, it helps you manage dependencies and modules (which, granted, has become almost a drawback in this post ES6 world), and makes it easy to build all but the most involved of components. But frequently, as an application grows in size and complexity, we begin running into problems. They come in m [...]

In this tutorial, we are going to implement a simple React library for creating, composing and serializing form elements. The goal is to allow developers to create forms with minimal code amount and maximal flexibility of the composition. The library should have the built-in validation and return serialized data on submit. Using the library shouldn’t require any extra code but simple declaration of an order, types, names and validation rules. The [...]

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