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Drupal 7 autocomplete field is something most content producers love. It’s an easy and convenient way to reference content by title. The problem is, that’s all you get from an autocomplete field: a title. One of our partners at X-Team had problems managing front page items, as the autocomplete field provided the title, but they couldn’t see anything else, such as photo, published status or schedule options. This extra info was useful to them, as [...]

It’s been awhile since Drupal 8 was first ready to try out. But even since then, I was checking out news, reading updated docs, working on my Drupal 7 projects… still waiting for something real. And it finally happened – during the keynote at DrupalCon Barcelona, Dries announced the first D8 release candidate and basically confirmed that it’s now ready for production sites! And there my journey had started; after all those weeks, I finally receiv [...]

Time flies – it’s already summer, and I hope yours is going well! Seems like just yesterday I was at DrupalCon in Los Angeles, the famous city of movie-making – to make it sound more like a dream… at least my own dream, one that was made true. Because part of our team was invited to LA by an extraordinary company – X-Team. (Side note: I must say that combining work with travel is a greatly recommended experience, as it brings a breath of fresh ai [...]

Drupal left the island. Larry Garfield brought us an awesome speech about Drupal 8, which you can see here. Dries explained to us why Drupal 8 had to change. Larry showed us those changes, and everybody loved his demo, but the important thing came after that. The inline editor, content management improvements, rendering HTML5 are awesome improvements, but in the end, these are just details compared to the big message: Drupal finally left the isla [...]

The short version: X-Team: “We’re considering sending you to Colombia to attend DrupalCon Latin America. We know you live in Europe. We know it’s on the other side of the world. And we know DrupalCon Barcelona (in your own country) is in six months, but we’re sending you anyway. Are you in?” Me: “What?” For a guy that has worked his whole life as freelancer, joining a big team was totally new fish for me, and attending a conference with all expen [...]

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