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Socket.IO with HAProxy on AWS We all know this feeling… You’ve done all your dev work on local environment, but it’s not working as planned on production. Now you think like you’ve wasted so much time trying to figure out what’s wrong. Here are some highlights from my story to make your life easier. Our setup We deploy our services on Amazon ECS clusters.Everything was working fine, until a new project heavily depending on real-time notifications [...]

Two weeks ago, I became an AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate). If you are also thinking about becoming certified, this post will help you out. This certificate is intended to be verify someone’s skills and expertise in designing, deploying and operating applications and infrastructure on the AWS platform. Of course, having hands-on experience is the most crucial here, but I will also guide you through other resources that will prepare [...]

It was great to get a glimpse at Amazon Elastic Beanstalk + Docker, presented by Markku Lepisto, AWS Principal technologist at DrupalCamp Manila 2014 last month. Elastic Beanstalk has been getting popular for deploying and managing applications in the AWS cloud. Once your application is up in the cloud, Elastic Beanstalk will provision, monitor, and scale capacity, and you also have the option to load balance all incoming requests across all your [...]

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