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Slack Tips Tuesday: The Employee Spotlight Channel

As Slack continues to become the “virtual office” for many companies, it’s important to remember that even though the water cooler and the auditorium are gone, you still need to find ways to recognize your team and share knowledge.

One thing we do at X-Team is use Slack to create a spotlight for our team members.

We created a channel called “#learn-about-xteamers” and it’s dedicated to sharing short stories and interviews that spotlight each of our team members.


We’ll post a new one each week, and the feedback, encouragement and all-around positivity that comes from it is incredibly contagious and rewarding for everyone.


Best of all is that it’s knowledge sharing, so someone almost always learns something new through these spotlights, which just helps improve projects for our other partners. Win-win all around.

This takes very little time to make happen, so give it a try. Feel free to leave other related tips in the comments.

Bonus: Have you tried Kudosbot? It’s another great way to have feedback and recognition showing up more often in your channels.

And, of course, each new spotlight post gets tagged with reactions (points to you if you read last week’s tip!).

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