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Something strange happens when you can work from anywhere. It gives you the ultimate gift -- true freedom, freedom to plan out your day, to live anywhere in the world, to go anywhere at any time, to go to the gym finally, to achieve the goals you've put off for so long.

We ascend to the dream way of living and working, and yet...why is it so hard to capitalize on it?

Why is it when you are handed the ultimate opportunity that everyone dreams of, why is it once you have the freedom and flexibility to achieve more goals or to go out to somewhere new that you can't get yourself up, you can't get away from your laptop, you can't let go of YouTube, you can't make the time to plan out a way to capitalize on the opportunity?

You can have all of the motivation and inspiration and freedom in the world and yet still be unable to move forward and take action.

Maybe it's the isolation, maybe it's feeling overwhelmed with options, whatever it is, it holds you back.

Freedom is a beautiful thing but a destructive one as it can suck out all of your energy and care for yourself, it can suck out your goals and your passions and turn you into a workaholic or a lazy blob that moves back and forth from the desk to your bathroom all day. It overwhelms you so much that, because it takes work to capitalize on it, it's easier to sit back and be comfortable instead.

But sitting around all day isn't the exotic life of freedom you fantasized about when you worked in an office.

You dreamed of an unstoppable side of you that would drive you to explore new places, new foods, new passions, to learn, to create, to play, to push ourselves harder, to feel alive, to stay curious, to love, to help others in unlikely places and feel compassion, to transport ourselves and our minds away from work so that we can come back to it more inspired and more energized than how we left it.

Freedom isn't supposed to be a prison, a box we trap ourselves in for comfort and convenience.

Freedom is about activating our unstoppable side. Unleashing our potential each and every day.

Capitalizing on the hours gained from not having a commute, capitalizing on the freedom of your schedule, capitalizing on the energy that freedom gives you, not throwing it away to the gods of laziness.

When we were younger, we were filled with that energy, that curiosity that freedom gives you, that endless pursuit to wake up and explore and create and discover new things, to feel new things.

What if you woke up to chase and capture that energy that freedom gives you so you could make the biggest impact in the work you do?

What if you woke up energized each day?

We are the ones who recognize that our best output comes when we capitalize on our freedom, not when we cage ourselves in. When we remember why we broke free from the chains of offices.

That our best work comes after we do the things that make us feel alive.

After we push ourselves and motivate ourselves at the gym or on a run.

After we land in a new city and all the new sights and smells and tastes fill our veins with excitement and inspiration.

That our best work comes after we finish a jam session, after we climb a mountain, after we finish a side project for ourselves and learn something new, after we finish the final chapter, after we beat the final boss, after we get out and help those in need, after we do the things that make us feel alive.

Because our best work feeds off of all that energy. It invigorates us so that we can become even better at what we do, so that we can make a greater impact.

We let that energy trickle down into every line of code we write, into motivating us to keep pushing, to keep our teams moving forward, we infuse that energy into supporting our teammates, we pour that energy into a restless crusade and campaign to uphold quality in everything our team commits, we harness that energy to share knowledge more, to mentor and help those who are stumbling.

We choose to seek ways to unleash the energy that freedom offers. It is the same energy that Thoreau writes about when he says to suck the marrow out of life, to suck the energy out of that freedom, and to not come to the end and realize you had not lived.

We weren't meant to trap ourselves at home, to trap our minds in work, in the hustle, to trap our hearts and never pursue our goals and explore our passions.

We were meant to make an impact.

To put a dent in the universe. To harness the energy that freedom gives us to unleash our potential. To share our knowledge. To seek the things that remind us we are alive, that we can have an impact, that we are no longer strapped to an office.

This life isn't for everyone. But we chose it because we believed we were capable of creating a greater impact.

We carry one of the greatest freedoms of our time -- the opportunity to live and work from anywhere.

Capitalize on the freedom you have, on the time you have, and make an impact. Harness the energy it gives you, and use it to feel more alive and to create things you love.

Don't make excuses. Capitalize and unleash.