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Automated Deployment in 90 minutes with Docker, AWS and Codeship

Just imagine. It’s Friday afternoon, the team has just finished a new feature which should be deployed to the servers before the weekend. And you are the lucky guy who is responsible for completing the task. Generally, it shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Well, what could possibly go wrong…

So, let’s get the job done. Login to the server, pull the latest changes from git repository, install dependencies from composer and… receive a white page with an error. Quick, look into the application’s logs and find out that some freshly added columns are missing in the database. You run migrations and see the same page. Of course, somebody has forgotten to inform the team about a new extension required in the project.

After a couple of hours struggling with misinformation, lack of external libraries, files and configuration options you finally finished the deployment. The code seems to be stable… until a hotfix arrives…

What if I told you that shipping an application can be painless and you can deliver new features immediately after merging the pull request without being worried about the environment consistency?

In the attached video, you’ll find an introduction on how to setup and automate deployment with Docker, AWS Elastic BeansTalk and Codeship in 90 minutes. Don’t miss a Friday night party ever again!

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