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Note: xEditor is an open source project sponsored by X-Labs xEditor is a Drupal distro built to enhance the content authoring experience. With the use of other contribs below, we built a revolutionary content editing tool that greatly benefits web and mobile users, enabling them to edit content without much hassle. By simply tapping on content, you can now easily edit anything on a page you’re viewing.  One of the major turn-offs in Drupal in the

It was great to get a glimpse at Amazon Elastic Beanstalk + Docker, presented by Markku Lepisto, AWS Principal technologist at DrupalCamp Manila 2014 last month. Elastic Beanstalk has been getting popular for deploying and managing applications in the AWS cloud. Once your application is up in the cloud, Elastic Beanstalk will provision, monitor, and scale capacity, and you also have the option to load balance all incoming requests across all your