Everyone needs to find a place where they can be productive. Remote workers have the freedom to create their workspace exactly as they want it.

Although X-Teamers need only their laptop to be productive, and can work from the top of Table Mountain as much they can from a beach in Koh Samui, we wanted to know more about their workspaces and why they set it up that way.

As such, here are eight X-Teamer workspace examples for you to draw inspiration from.

Workspace #1

"A few months ago I made this corner of the 'summer room' into a ‘micro office’ with features such as…

  • stand up desk (rack boxes for elevation)
  • iPad as second monitor (on cardboard box)
  • Android tablet for news monitoring
  • Small whiteboard (for hanging kids' drawings)
  • Cooler under the desk for motivational beverages
  • Easy access to the outdoors to bring the aforementioned beverages…"

Workspace #2

"I bought a small desk to use a little space that I have nearby my bedroom. Whiteboard in the back for new ideas, paper notebook for small reminders and extra monitor to use with the MacBook or Nintendo Switch."

Workspace #3

"At the moment a WIP; I'm close to getting a second monitor. Desk has enough space, I've got my homemade box with random things that I carry around and want to keep organized, my watch that bothers my wrist while I work, and my wallet. Then just two mice: one that helps my wrist avoid any injuries, and my gaming mouse. Not in the picture, but below you have my desktop and a headset hanging spot I've made.

Also, last weekend I organized all my cables in the back to have a clean spot for my legs. I also made this a secondary desk, for when I want to stand up (right behind me on the other wall)."

Workspace #4

"My setup is really simple, but I feel very comfortable here.

  • My laptop
  • 21:9 widescreen
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • My journal, pencils, pens, and post-its
  • 2 drawers (with more notebooks inside)
  • And my own Pixar Lamp"

Workspace #5

"I got a small drawing board & an iPad for note taking. And that lamp was my latest acquisition."

Workspace #6

"Yesterday, I cleaned up my desk. I had a lot of toys that I'd put under both external monitors. I removed them and kept the essentials. From left to right: countdown timer, Rubik's Twist, a pen and phone stand made of Lego by Mimi. Also, a glass of water, but that's not a permanent object.

I tried using my external monitors vertically, and it's nice for editing code but I found it annoying and distracting to move my head from left to right then up and down... Therefore, I use them horizontally."

Workspace #7

"Simple desk with family pics, coffee, water, notebooks, and silence. I've set up this space in one of my empty rooms and turned it into an office."

Workspace #8

"Today, the productivity is sitting in the La Madeleine cafe! I love the atmosphere of the cozy, half-empty coffee house - extremely hard to find in Texas 🌎. My favorite cafe recipe includes:

  • 1x MacBook
  • 1x cappuccino
  • 1x work log
  • 1x noise-cancelling headphones for all the infants screaming with their parents (the most important ingredient)"

Thank you for reading! Let us know in the comments what your workspace looks like. Meanwhile, you might want to read: