On Dec. 1, we gave every X-Teamer $50 to donate toward any charity, cause, open source project, foundation, etc.

Within a few days, they'd donated to more than 30 different causes in 15 countries around the world.

We were so inspired learning about all of the amazing work being done around the world, we had to share some of them here.

Thank you again to all of the X-Teamers who participated in this. Also to X-Teamers Noah Muth and Josh Johnston who, at our X-Mas Party, won $500 in charity money to give toward the charities of their choice.

Hopefully this inspires you as well to join our team in giving to a meaningful cause in your life and wrap up 2016 knowing you helped impact someone's life.

Code Club

Code Club is a worldwide newtork of volunteer-led after school coding clubs for kids.
$150 Donation by: Kerem Gocen, Diego Ferreira, and Diego Durli

Code for America

Since 2011, CFA has worked with thousands of tech industry professionals to help 100+ local governments serve their communities better.
$50 Donation by: Sven Berg Ryen


Watsi is a site that lets you donate to people in need. In this case, a woman in Cambodia who needed eye surgery for $148.
$50 Donation by: Jedrzej Kurylo

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

TGOCC helps support children's healthcare in Poland.
$50 Donation from: Peter Kaleta

National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.
$50 Donation from: Dylan Coffey

Make a Wish (Greece)

Make a Wish makes dreams come true for children with terminal diseases in Greece.
$50 Donation from: Giannis Katsanos

Teletón Fundación

Teletón Fundación helps children with various disabilities.
$50 Donation by: Alex Almada

Brothers for All

Brothers for All gives technology and entrepreneurship opportunities to offenders, ex-offenders and at-risk youth in South Africa.
$50 donation by: George Ziady

Caritas Poznan

Caritas is an organization that helps the most vulnerable people in Poland, like the homeless, sick, elderly, etc.
$50 Donation by: Piotr Machowski


TECHO is an organisation that helps people in extreme poverty throughout Latin America and the Carribean.
$50 Donation by: Juan Enrique Jimenez Jr.

Save the Children

This fund currently helps support and protect children in the war-torn Syria.
$150 Donation by: Paul McCrodden & Gianluca Esposito


SEED is a group of young Aboriginals in Australia who are tackling climate change since the effects have hit the hardest on their communities.
$50 Donation by: Brad Giblin


SiePomaga is a Polish site that lets you donate to those in need. In this case, a baby boy needing special treatment to restore his vision.
$50 Donation by: Wojtek Zajac


For over 65 years, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has been protecting the rights and well-being of refugees all over the world.
$100 Donation by: Kasper Myram


Pajacyk provides meals for children from the poorest families in Poland.
$50 Donation by: Szymon Karnecki


Code.org is a non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented minorities.
$50 Donation by: Mike Rhoads

ZOE Foundation

ZOE has an orphanage in Thailand that saves children from a life of slavery.
$300 Donation by: Josh Johnston

Klub Astronomiczny

Klub Astronomiczny runs workshops and camps for students looking to learn more about mathematics, physics and programming.
$50 Donation by: Michal Kawalec

SCRATCH Foundation

SCRATCH provides free learning resources for children who want to learn how to code.
$50 Donation by: Andrew Stratu

Little Brothers of the Poor

"Little Brothers of the Poor" helps support lonely elderly people in Poland, which provides gifts to veterans and the elderly during X-Mas.
$100 Donation by: Kasper Wargula and Szymon Michalak

Banco de alimentos Rosario

This organization dedicates their efforts to recovering food from supermarkets, restaurants, etc, and giving it to people who have nothing to eat.
$50 Donation by: Diego Seghezzo

Fundación Josep Carreras

A Leukaemia foundation working toward one day making leukaemia a 100% curable disease for everyone and in every case.
$50 Donation by: Alberto Grande


freeCodeCamp is an open source project that helps people learn how to code while also providing free development hours to non-profits.
$50 Donation by: Ryan Chartrand


RAINN is an anti-sexual assault organization working with local rape crisis centers across the U.S.
$50 Donation by: Noah Muth

Alzheimer Portugal

Alzheimer Portugal is an organization that helps support the quality of life for people with dementia, as well as their relatives and caregivers.
$50 Donation by: Joel Costa


This site lets you help fund and support people in need. In this case, a donation was given to a cause that provides kits with food and essentials to those in need in the Dominican Republic after the recent flooding and landslides.
$50 Donation by: Kelvin de Moya


TEMA is an organization in Turkey that helps with reforestation and protecting the environment.
$50 Donation by: Ali Uz


FAUNA is a Polish non-profit that helps save abandoned pets and provide them with good homes.


In more than a dozen countries throughout the world, UUSC fosters social justice and works toward a world free from oppression.
$250 Donation by: Noah Muth