Every year leading up to our annual X-Mas Party, we bring our community together to each donate $50 to any cause they believe will make an impact for good in the world.

We then match their donations to double the impact.

This year, the X-Team community supported more than 30 non-profits around the world.

We'd like to recognize all of these great causes (and those who donated to them) and hope that they will inspire you to give as well.

We give not because "it's the right thing to do." We give because we believe in giving people the opportunity to unleash their potential and live fulfilling lives.

Whether it's healthcare, hunger, shelter, inequality, etc. that is holding them back, we want to help them overcome those hurdles and regain that opportunity.

And we're just getting started.

Every year, X-Teamers come together to donate to causes they believe in.

Causes that help feed the hungry.

Causes that help cure diseases.

Causes that help the homeless.

Causes that protect animals.

Causes that inspire children to code.

Causes that help rebuild after hurricanes.

  • United for Puerto Rico - Luke Foley, William Cabrera and Javis Perez

Causes that provide healthcare to those in need.

Causes that give children a better future.

Causes that support women around the world.

Causes that bring water to people in need.

Causes that make the holidays special for struggling families.

Causes that support the elderly.