Today, we’re excited to announce that X-Team is being split into two separate companies! X-Team International Pty Ltd, which will focus on developer resourcing, which has been our most successful business model in the last decade; and X-Team WP Pty Ltd which will focus on Enterprise WordPress solutions, which we’ve had incredible results with over the last year.

The split is to empower each company to focus on doing one thing and doing it well.

This has been inspired by James C. Collins’ popular book Good to Great, which encourages companies to “focus on their hedgehog” by answering the following three questions: 1. What lights your fire? 2. What could you be the best in the world at? 3. What makes you money?

When we asked ourselves these questions, it was clear that we had more than conflicting answers. X-Team has traditionally been a rag-bag of successful business models, but to truly become the world’s best, it’s time to focus.

The split is also inspired by our belief in effective teams. Great teams need to be at a size where everyone is in sync. As more and more superheroes have joined X-Team, our company size simply got too big. Rather than enforce growth through structure, management and meetings we’ve chosen to keep our agility and ensure each company is at a size where everyone is on the playing field.

Both companies will still share the same values and culture of superheroes and high fives.

Each company will have its own leadership, leading that team to be the best at what is it is in the world.

When we entered 2014, we decided this would be the year of focus. This is the first step in giving rocket boots to our most successful, focused business models.