This April, X-Teamers returned to Argentina for another epic 2023 X-Outpost. We'd traveled to Argentina a few years ago, but it's such a big and beautiful country that another X-Outpost was needed. This time, we were in Mendoza, the capital of the eponymous province in the western central part of Argentina. I was there, and it was an experience that I'd call out of this world.

Yes, I've seen X-Teamers discussing the X-Outposts in our Slack channels and, yes, I've seen the epic X-Outpost videos. But there's nothing that can prepare you for experiencing an X-Outpost firsthand. It's incredible. From the moment I arrived at the hotel, there was an immediate and strong feeling of camaraderie with the other X-Teamers. Those familiar faces you've seen in meetings or in their little profile picture on Slack. It felt like meeting long-lost friends.

When everyone was at the hotel, the X-Outpost mastermind Henrique Paula greeted us and we went to have lunch at a very nice place called Anna's Bistro. Three hours later, we went to a bar and had drinks. Just different cultures vibing together. It was really fun.

That was on Sunday. The next day, we had to work. That's the great thing about X-Team: You can work from wherever you want, including from the amazing locations of the X-Outposts. So we went to a coworking space and got some work done. Then a few of us went on an expedition to learn about Mendoza's Termas (the natural hot springs) or even do some horse riding. We finished the day in a fourteenth-floor restaurant with an amazing view of the city. The cherry on top? A gift exchange with other X-Teamers.

The next few days, we continued finding the right balance between working hard and exploring the city and its surroundings together. Most of our days ended with great food and drinks at one bar or the other. Depending on our schedules, X-Teamers went on a safari, did some wine tasting, or did some horse riding and wine tasting combined (a unique combo).

The last day was our most anticipated day because it had the epic event that's scheduled in every X-Outpost: We went rafting. Perfect as a teambuilding activity because it requires you to work together so you can navigate a harsh river. It was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

We did more in one week than I would have done in half a year, but sadly all good things come to an end. We all wanted to spend more time together, so saying goodbye was bittersweet. Regardless, the X-Outpost was an incredible experience that you must do when you are an X-Teamer. Join an X-Outpost, create everlasting memories, and experience a new and exciting way of combing work with life.