X-Outposts are a legendary part of the X-Team culture. This June, thirty X-Teamers and their significant others traveled to the island of the Minotaur myth, a land of epic battles, amazing stories, and incredible food: Crete.

Almost Too Many Beautiful Beaches

I could dedicate a whole post to all the beautiful beaches we visited in Crete. To name only a few: Akrotiri, Valos, Macherida, Kalathas, and Falasarna. Don't those names all just sound epic and mythological either?

When the opportunity presented itself to explore some of these clear waters, we couldn't resist and went snorkeling and diving.

Time to Work and Time to Explore

Of course, as with all X-Outposts, we balanced our time between work and exploration. After a morning sunbath, we found a spot in the shadows and worked. When we took a break, we spent time getting to know each other.

There were a few Wizards on this trip too. These are the X-Teamers who ensure all X-Team engineers are doing okay, both at work and at home. It was really interesting to better understand their role and what their day-to-day looked like.

We're Crete Food Connoisseurs Now

What's an X-Outpost if you don't eat the local foods? We ate gyros, moussaka, souvlaki, raki, and much more. No Cretan/Greek dish went untouched, and they were all incredibly tasty.

There were more than a few special moments too. We celebrated a birthday and, most incredibly, one of our X-Teamers proposed to his girlfriend on Elafonisi beach. She said yes! If that's not a sign that X-Outposts create lasting memories, then I don't know what is.

A couple getting married on the beach

As per tradition, we also shared gifts that we'd brought from all over the world. It's a great way to connect with each other and understand everyone's culture a little bit better.

Next Up: Barcelona

So far, we organized one X-Outpost a month in 2023. Now it's time to take a short break. In August, we return with a highly-anticipated X-Outpost to Barcelona. Crete was fantastic; let's see if Barcelona can outshine it!