The annual X-Team X-Mas Party remains my favorite day of the year — when our community gathers, from 20+ countries, all at the same time to celebrate the year, recognize extraordinary talent, make some hilarious Meatspaces GIFs, remember the good times, and of course, a little dancing.

Below you’ll find all of the winners of this year’s Watchman Awards, voted on by the X-Team core operations team, as well as the Superhero of the Year award, which is voted on by the entire X-Community.

We’d also like to congratulate the winners of the X-Olympics, an intense series of games like QWOP and GIRP, who won $1,200 worth of donations to the open source communities of their choice.

Leadership Excellence Award

This award is given to a superhero who took it upon themselves to mentor other developers, led by example, and had outstanding project management.


Most Proactive Developer Award

This award is given to a superhero who asked the right kinds of questions, took the initiative to address issues before they became a problem, and constantly focused on moving things forward for his team.


Most Reliable Developer Award

This award is given to a superhero who contributed trust every day by consistently delivering with quality on time and responding quickly to e-mail and/or slack messages.


Most Unleashed Hero Award

This award is given to a superhero who took the steps to improve this past year by growing and adding value to themselves as a developer.


Open Source Contributor Award

This award is given to a superhero who has made a difference in the open source community this past year through their contributions.


Superhero of the Year Award

This award is voted on by the X-Team community and is someone who selflessly contributes to that community daily. They personify the #sleepcanwait attitude by always asking how can they help before they are able to rest. This hero inspires us to grow and gives us an image of what we aspire to be.