Open Source Heroes is a series dedicated to recognizing up-and-coming open source developers who are motivated to unleash their potential every day.

The story of Webpack will always fascinate me.

Somehow this small open source project built by “a man in the shadows” (aka Tobias Koppers) was able to dethrone Grunt, Browserify and Gulp, all without any real documentation and anyone to really promote it.

But this is where open source communities will never fail to inspire, as once developers believed in it, there was no stopping Webpack’s future, even despite the struggles many had with it.

And with the help of SurviveJS to help people learn how to use it, and a now growing core team of 20 devs (including joining the JS Foundation), Webpack is on its way to an unstoppable future.

On behalf of the X-Team community, we want to help boost that momentum even further, so today we’ve become an official sponsor of Webpack via OpenCollective, contributing $100 per month toward further development, documentation and the growth of the core team.

It is thanks to motivated, extraordinary people like Tobias and his growing core team that the web continues to evolve and we are grateful for that dedication. We also want to make sure people committed to unleashing their potential get recognized and supported for it, beyond just what we do for our own developers at X-Team.

No matter how quiet you may be, or even if you’re only one person, when you contribute an open source project that the world needs, support will inevitably find its way to you. Just keep pushing.

Commit. Push. Unleash.

For anyone interested in getting started with Webpack, try the book by SurviveJS or a brief overview from X-Team.

X-Team also sponsors choo and Gatsby.