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Basic Vault setup was covered in a previous post. In this one, we are going to focus on integrating Vault with AWS ECS. The goal here is to allow services to access Vault on a dedicated service namespace. Vault recently released new AppRole authentication geared towards machines and services. AppRole is a set of login credentials — that allows us to get a Vault Token with a pre-defined scope. Overview The AWS IAM Task Role lets you specify which [...]

What is Vault. Vault is an open source tool aiming to solve problem of managing secrets(passwords, API keys, certs). This data is sensitive and located at the crossroads of 3 areas of responsibility: security, operations and developers. Vault is written in Go and distributed as a single static binary – it’s easy to start testing on your local machine. In this article You will find out how to start working with Vault. Though it does not contain wh [...]

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