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Introduction In this post, I will show you some suggestions for structuring and organizing the front end of your app. Whenever I start working on a project, I like to scaffold it with some files and folders. The create-react-app cli is a good starting point. However, it only provides the bare minimum for what I would need to create a project. I will always need to add files and folders. However, if I start coding without some direction for how th [...]

If you've been living under a rock or buried in projects throughout 2017, this is the article for you. A lot happened in 2017 that is setting up 2018 for a lot of action and innovation. You can also use this as a guide to plan out your growth as a developer in 2018 to help you get on more innovative projects. React vs. Vue.js Let's get straight to the good stuff: This time last year, not many had faith that Vue would ever become a big competitor [...]

Is Fiber ready yet? Yes, it is. Getting a little late to the react scene, I found it weird that people anticipated a feature so enthusiastically. I kept asking why people are not happy enough about the state of React at 15. Why not embrace 16 when it comes without so much anticipation? But people wanted it like Yesterday before it even arrived. Little did I know that React 16 is indeed a pack of awesomeness worth the anticipation and it is a comp [...]

The majority of software developers considers the co-existence of umpteen JavaScript toolings as a downside of the language and its community. Eventually, they get to pick a side on the tooling available for their work and start hating the others. These are people who think CSS-in-JS is a solution for people who do not understand CSS, people who think NPM is preposterous and only Yarn should be used simply because they never upgraded their NPM ve [...]

You may or may not know this already, but you can follow a functional approach when using React's setState(), We usually update our state just passing an object describing the changes we would like to make and let React assign those values and trigger an update, but... But... how? You can pass a function to setState() that takes state and props as params and returns your desired state, which React will use for the update. You can go from: // Incr [...]

Introduction Since I heard about snapshot testing at the 2017 React Europe conference, I was curious about this new tool for my daily testing. I must admit that I am a Mocha lover but Jest really caught my attention with this feature. At some point during testing, everyone has to print the expected result of the test and copy it to your test file. Now, with Jest snapshots, this is not required anymore. Jest will save the expected result for us. Y [...]

This final video explains how to connect Redux to React and how to apply the middleware [Redux Thunk](https://github.com/gaearon/redux-thunk) to be able to delay the execution of each action. Pass down the functions made in actions through props. Then, apply an onclick function to the button to call the action that gets information from the API. Source: https://github.com/danyonsatterlee/youtube-examples/tree/master/color-fun Series overview: AP [...]

This video walks through how to set up the actions and reducers for Redux in React. Learn how to set up a function in actions to call the API using Axios. Export the functions to the reducers to set up a default state. Source: https://github.com/danyonsatterlee/youtube-examples/tree/master/color-fun Series overview: API Calls in React/Redux Part 1 — Introduction API Calls in React/Redux Part 2 — Setting up Axios API Calls in React/Redux Part 3 [...]

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