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In Part 1 of this series, we looked at how to make the right choice of skill for the basis of up-skilling, we looked at starting an Elm project, and how essential items, like routing and theming, were thought about and addressed, before starting any coding for the project itself. In this final part, we will look at the open source contribution opportunities that came up during the project, how unknowns were discussed with the Elm community, and h [...]

There's never been a greater time to create an open source project. As I wrote about recently in Hackernoon, platforms like OpenCollective are giving open source projects the opportunity for sustainability like never before thanks to crowdfunding. But it's not just the hundreds of thousands of dollars in new funding that's changing the future of open source. In that post, I reference "The Larkin Effect" (Sean Larkin of Webpack), this idea that [...]

Elm is quickly becoming the alternative to writing code in JavaScript, which has, naturally, grabbed the attention of many React developers. Its benefits include: No runtime errors (!) Easy Refactoring Awesome debugging tools A helpful type system ...and more you can read about from Elm I think one of our developers puts it perfectly: Noah Muth: Elm is a great way to learn about the benefits of static types because the compiler actually repor [...]

Open Source Heroes is a series dedicated to recognizing and sponsoring up-and-coming open source developers who are motivated to unleash their potential every day. “Thanks for listening, go follow me on Twitter and contribute to my open source project.” That’s what you usually hear at the end of a developer’s talk at a conference. But when we heard Kyle Mathews give his lightning talk at React.js Conf 2016, his final line grabbed our attention: [...]

Open Source Heroes is a series dedicated to recognizing up-and-coming open source developers who are motivated to unleash their potential every day. Yoshua Wuyts is unstoppable. There are few developers today as driven and active as Yoshua is. Just read his Twitter feed for a minute and you'll get a sense of his hustle. His release of Choo, a "5kb framework for creating sturdy applications", has racked up 2k+ stars on Github, and that's just the [...]

What motivates developers to contribute to open source? Is it the fame and the followers? The thousands of stars on Github? Why sacrifice your time to write code for free? If you ask a man who’s collected 20,000+ stars on Github, he’ll tell you it was more about the journey than the fame that comes with surpassing Django, Redux or Golang in stars. “Star count is not really all that matters,” says Evan You, creator of Vue.js. “It’s a self-improvin [...]

When we recently did research for “How to contribute to open source communities” by talking with X-Teamers and developers from many different open source projects, we discovered the five most important ways that developers can contribute to help create a sustainable project and community. Below you’ll find my 10-minute lightning talk slides for PHPFest tonight about being a GIVER, someone who focuses each day on giving an hour to do one of those [...]

Although contributing to open source isn’t a revolutionary idea, if you ask most developers how to do it, very few know how to get started or even what it really entails. ContributeX, an X-Labs sponsored event and fund, looks to solve that by removing some of the barriers to entry. It’s a call to begin the journey and find ways to work with others of the same mind. We want developers around the world to feel empowered to contribute to an open sou [...]

Being a part of an open source community is a very rewarding experience and one that we, at X-Team, believe everyone should get the pleasure of experiencing. X-Team and X-Labs are big supporters of open source because it is this kind of mutual collaboration, of individuals banding together with common needs, that one rarely gets to see in the world. However, we also understand that jumping into an open source community, or starting an open source [...]

More than 40 Drupal developers from Manila attended the first ever ContributeX on August 16, 2014 at Microsoft Philippines. Drupal Pilipinas and X-Team partnered up with one vision and goal of giving rocket fuel to Drupal 8. ContributeX is an idea from X-Labs, a fund dedicated to supporting open source communities. For its premiere to the world, ContributeX focused on the Drupal community, to encourage Drupal developers from around the world to c [...]

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