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Understand your spine A human spine is made up of more than 30 bones (vertebrae), held together by ligaments, muscles, and discs. It supports the weight of the human body and a healthy one should neither hurt, nor should it have any damages. While spending many hours sitting in front of our computers, we put our spine to serious tests. Sitting is one of the worst positions for the body to maintain (check "The health hazards of sitting"

We’re a league of superhero remote developers here at X-Team. And as much as we love #unleashing the best in ourselves, leveling up and reaching our potential is pretty difficult without a full health bar. We’ve asked the most fit X-Team superheroes to tell us their secrets to a happier and healthier life as a remote developer, and they were kind enough to share 8 tips to get you on track. Enjoy. Commit to small workouts There’s no excuse to not

One of the big challenges for developers new to the remote scene is making sure they continue to stay in good shape. It’s why we’ve started to look at fitness as an important part of the X-Team community. It can be even more challenging for remote developers who travel often. I live completely remotely (thanks Airbnb/Uber/etc. for making that possible) and travel often to see X-Teamers around the world. Although it’s been an incredible way to liv

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