Open Source Heroes is a series dedicated to recognizing up-and-coming open source developers who are motivated to unleash their potential every day.

Yoshua Wuyts is unstoppable.

There are few developers today as driven and active as Yoshua is. Just read his Twitter feed for a minute and you'll get a sense of his hustle.

His release of Choo, a "5kb framework for creating sturdy applications", has racked up 2k+ stars on Github, and that's just the beginning of the legacy of this merely three-year experienced open source developer.

We love how he documents everything (best remote habit you can pick up).

We love how he codes like the world is watching every day (and they are).

He's the kind of person who stands tall when faced with a challenge, and finds incredible reward in solving just about any challenge that comes his way (even if it means writing an entire framework to do it).

He's traveling the world, going to a new conference every month to get inspired.

He's constantly questioning the tech that exists today and how to move the web forward.

Yoshua Wuyts is a name you will remember one day.

For that reason, we're happy to contribute $500 toward Yoshua's project, Choo, via OpenCollective. It is thanks to motivated, extraordinary people like Yoshua that the web continues to evolve and we are grateful for his dedication and ability to unleash.

We support you, Yoshua. Keep that fire burning strong. Commit. Push. Unleash.