Anyone who wants to achieve mastery needs to keep the following framework in mind: Micro speed macro patience. Heavily advocated by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, micro speed macro patience means that, on the one hand, you need to work hard every day. From input to output with a rapid feedback loop. That's micro speed.

On the other hand, you cannot expect results quickly. You won't achieve mastery tomorrow. The results you're looking for might take a decade or longer, even if you work as hard as you can on the daily. Don't get discouraged if you fail in your first year. Expand your time horizon instead. That's macro patience.

Visualize the framework as a duck in a pond of water. The duck might look quiet and composed above water, but it's paddling like crazy underneath. It seems to be cruising smoothly to its destination, but only because it's working hard. Be like the duck. Micro speed macro patience.