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Paul McCrodden

Bringing the benefits of group meditation to the remote environment, this article shows how we started our year focusing on mental health and positive work-life balance through a month long meditation challenge.

Photo by Ed Telling during FullStackCon 2017. Table of Contents Overview Keynote: Opening Keynote by Douglas Crockford Talk: I RLY LOVE Form Controls! Keynote: Back to the Future: IoT Maker Revolution Talk: Give app servers a REST – CDNs and APIs are the new LAMP Talk: Understanding Blockchain Talk: WebAssembly and the Future of the Web Talk: YES! Your Site Can (and Should) be Accessible Lightning Talk: Breaking the Monolith a Monorepo Talk: Mic

Photo by Ed Telling during FullStackCon 2017. Table of Contents Overview Talk: TypeScript Decorators Talk: Npm, Gulp, Webpack, What the heck? Talk: AVA Test Runner - A fresh take on JavaScript Testing and Growing An Open-Source Project Keynote: State of JavaScript 2017 Lightning Talk: In 15 minutes you can build an API with LoopBack Lightning Talk: Using React Native to Create a Reusable Mobile App Architecture Talk: 5 Architectures of Asynchron

This article came about after suffering from back trouble in 2013–2014, specifically Sciatica, due to a restrictive Psoas (iliopsoas) muscle. The Psoas muscle is deeply routed and connected to physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. More about the Psoas in a future post. Back trouble stemming from the Psoas muscle affected me greatly at that time and was worsened by sitting at a desk for work. This motivated me, as a yoga instructor, to fi

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at how to make the right choice of skill for the basis of up-skilling, we looked at starting an Elm project, and how essential items, like routing and theming, were thought about and addressed, before starting any coding for the project itself. In this final part, we will look at the open source contribution opportunities that came up during the project, how unknowns were discussed with the Elm community, and h

As X-Team's remote developers have the privilege of working within the #unleash program, we grow and up-skill continually in areas of interest to each of us. I have found some ways I like to make the most of this up-skilling time, and I would like to share them with you in this short, two-part post series: An Elm Case Study. You are reading Part I. Part II is now available as well. Target audience Someone interested in learning more about Elm Jun