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  1. X-Team is amazing because you can work from anywhere, contribute to the most challenging projects, and keep growing and expanding your skills.

    Wojtek Zajac Poland
  2. It's an inspiration to work for X-Team, which is not just a company, but also a motivated community, which suits me to no end.

    Paul McCrodden Ireland
  3. I feel so lucky to be a part of this community, and I will never get tired of repeating it. X-Team's moral compass, ethical framework and care for its developers are all immense factors into what makes X-Team an amazing place to be.

    Ali Uz Turkey
  4. Being surrounded by such great and talented people really helps inspire me to grow, both as a developer and as an individual.

    Kelvin De Moya Dominican Republic
  5. At other companies, it feels like the main goal is to add value to the company itself, and developer growth is a side effect. At X-Team it’s the opposite. At X-Team you feel part of a team, and the added value you get from the company is easy to perceive.

    Sergio Tashdjian Uruguay


X-Team provides you with motivation and funding to help you capitalize on the extra time that you have working remote so you can explore your passions, stay healthy, travel, and keep growing.

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