The X-Outposts are an integral part of our community. Organized a few times a year, they are opportunities for X-Teamers to meet in a beautiful location so they can get to know each other, work together, and create memorable adventures. In March 2024, X-Teamers traveled to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. This is how Ed Rocha, one of X-Team's Senior Front-End Developers, experienced it.

A group of X-Teamers near a river

One of the most awesome aspects of being an X-Teamer is being able to go to an X-Outpost. I've been with X-Team for almost six years, but this was my first opportunity to go to one. I was very excited to travel to Lisbon with my girlfriend for the first time.

When we arrived on Sunday, the weather was absolutely fantastic. Not too hot, not too cold. This allowed us to prepare for a great mix of activities: The first day, some X-Teamers did a walking tour early, while others explored the excellent restaurants near the hotel where we stayed.

Speaking of the hotel, we stayed near Gulbenkian Park. It's a very central location, not only right next to the subway, but also within walking distance of a lot of the activities we'd be doing over the next few days.

Such activities included bowling, visiting breathtaking landmarks such as Belém Tower and the Jerónimos Monastery, solving puzzles together in an Escape Room, and so much more. Oh, and eating some delicious Pastel de Nata. Lots of it.

And we could do all that because we work remotely and because of the great work/life balance we have at X-Team. In fact, being able to build the life you want is core to the X-Team experience. That means we can have fun, meet new people, and get to know a new culture while also still getting work done.

work hard, play hard mentality

For the last day of the X-Outpost, we had something truly epic waiting for us: a trip to Sintra, a historic Portuguese gem with fairy-tale landscapes and streets with centuries of history. It’s a beautiful city that served as a royal retreat for Portuguese monarchs in the past.

After our trip, we had lunch and visited Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of mainland Europe. Pictures will give you an idea of how beautiful it was, but actually being there and enjoying the breathtaking view was an indescribable experience.

Everything comes to an end, but memories like the ones we created during this X-Outpost last forever. This was only possible because of Henrique, the X-Outpost Mastermind behind it all, and because of the X-Teamers who attended and made it such an unforgettable experience.

X-Teamers standing at Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of mainland Europe
Cabo da Roca