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You say to-may-to, we say to-mah-to. But recently, X-Teamers had the opportunity to pick the brain of a guy, who dedicated quite some time these last few years to study of productivity... and he does not say either of those. He says, pomodoro! We are talking, of course, about Karol Sojko. A developer, Unleasher, and a master of productivity, who also recently held a talk at the 4Developers 2017 conference, titled Unleashing Your Super-dev-powers [...]

One of the biggest highlights of the year for X-Team was the unveiling of the X-Outpost, our roaming hacker house. Looking back now, what an epic adventure it has been joining the co-living movement. In 2016, the X-Outpost was hosted in 4 countries and 5 cities, including: Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) Naples, Italy Boston, MA Chicago, IL Koh Phangan, Thailand To learn more about how we created this co-living experience for our community of devel [...]

Organizing a remote team retreat is an incredibly stressful job. But it doesn't have to be. I've organized the last three retreats for my team and spent more hours than I can count in preparation for each. It wasn't until the third iteration that I discovered the secrets to a stress-free, productive retreat. I hope they help save you many hours in prepping your next meetup. Hiring a chef is a MUST I'm starting with the absolute most important [...]

If you’re looking to hire remote developers or bring in a remote team to add to your own team, the biggest challenge ahead of you will be eliminating “walls” that can create tension. After managing remote teams for many years now for X-Team, here’s how I’ve been able to eliminate those walls as early on as possible and create long-lasting relationships with many onsite teams. It’s all about creating opportunities for your remote team to build tru [...]

If you’ve ever applied to work as a remote developer before, you may have wondered why you never heard anything in response. X-Team has a thorough vetting process we go through with each developer we meet, but most developers never make it past a simple 1-minute screening of their online presence. We can very quickly tell if someone is ready to be an effective remote developer, as a leader, communicator and champion of quality based on how they p [...]

Jason Fried, our friend from 37signals, is re-imagining what it means to work once again with the release of his new book, “Remote.” The concept of remote working obviously isn’t new. But with recent moves by companies like Yahoo! to ban remote working, Fried is indeed a superhero for standing tall and arguing in favor of a movement that has for decades been seen by many as an unproductive model aimed only at cutting costs. Every semester at UCSD [...]

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