Hybrid is the talk of town. Now that we're slowly defeating that blasted virus, companies are trying to figure out what to do with their newfound knowledge that remote work is actually pretty good. Many are considering a hybrid work model, where some employees work remotely while others work from the office. This has generated a lot of debate about which work model is better:

  • all-office
  • all-remote
  • hybrid

But that's looking at the whole thing from the wrong angle. If we have the audacity to talk about the future of work, we need to be more ambitious. Instead of trying to squeeze employees into a particular category, we need to create a work model that's tailored to each unique individual. A work cocktail, if you will.

Here are a few essential ingredients for a good work cocktail:

After that, get creative. Rent a coworking space that employees can work from whenever they want. Organize monthly getaways in cool places around the world. Get people together to play online games. The list can go on. Apart from the essentials, none of these things should be compulsory. The employee makes the cocktail, you just provide the ingredients. Delicious flexibility.

That's what we've built at X-Team. There is no single X-Team experience. Some X-Teamers only ever go to X-Outposts (well, before the coronavirus). Some X-Teamers only ever use their Unleash+ budget. Some X-Teamers only ever engage with our #engineering Slack channel. Some X-Teamers do all that and much more.

There is no hybrid. There is no remote. There is no office. X-Team is what the individual makes of it. In our opinion, that's the future of work.