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from the stream

1 week ago
Drupal, Drupal Planet // 1 week ago

Use Drupal Vagrant Rsync feature to maximize performance

We all know that Drupal doesn’t do really well under the default shared folder of VirtualBox. When we were given the task of creating a new box for one of our clients, we immediately went with NFS file system to circumvent this issue. We quickly realized two things:

  1. Vagrant is way faster with NFS enabled (but won’t work on Windows)
  2. Drupal is still slower reading files using NFS shared folder than using a default LAMP setup on the host directly

Thanks to the newly added feature in Vagrant 1.5, we can now use rsync to sync our shared folder with any Vagrant virtual machine. What does it mean for Drupal local development? A huge performance gain!

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de Paula
2 weeks ago
Drupal, Drupal Planet // 2 weeks ago

X-Team releases open source Drush Deployment module

Deployment of Drupal instances is often tricky and difficult to perform, especially if you’re migrating huge amounts of data from local to remote servers.

Drupal is fortunate enough to have “drush”, a contributed module that helps you (amongst other things) create Drupal instances, download and install modules and automate deployment and backup of your Drupal sites using a secure shell. The best part of this tool is that you can perform all of those without having to use a graphical user interface and you can even automate it using a script. Because it’s very handy, portable and easy to use, Drush is also considered the “swiss army knife of Drupal”.

At X-Team, we are strong believers that deployment workflow can always be improved. That is why we developed an open-sourced drush deployment module as a drush extension using the GitElephant library. This module aims to deploy Drupal instances magically, where it takes the code from any git repository and deploys Drupal sites based on git tags.

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3 weeks ago
WordPress // 3 weeks ago

Introducing jQuery UI Datepicker Skins for WordPress

Here at X-Team, we’re firm believers in giving users a seamless experience within the WordPress Admin UI.

Recently, while working on our Stream WordPress plugin, we ran into a hiccup with the way the jQuery UI Datepicker is displayed in WordPress: the admin stylesheet does not include styles for this often-used UI element, leaving it glaringly mismatched from the rest of the page.

In light of this, we’ve composed a stylesheet for developers who would like to match the style of their jQuery UI Datepicker with each of the eight admin color schemes that come standard with WordPress (e.g., “Light,” “Midnight,” “Ectoplasm”). The colors will change automatically when the color scheme is changed.

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