Unleash+ is X-Team's modern approach to helping its developers keep learning, growing and staying energized.

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People who are energized from growing and exploring their passions drive projects forward the most.

X-Team sponsors everything developers need to get energized: Courses, gym memberships, video games, Arduino kits, conferences, etc.

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Developers who stay intellectually curious execute at a higher level. We inspire them daily to focus on their wellbeing and to keep exploring and growing.

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Recent Achievements

  • Gianluca Esposito
    Gianluca Esposito finished "Building React Applications with Idiomatic Redux" course on Egghead.
  • Jedrzej Kurylo
    Jedrzej Kurylo submitted a Pull Request to the Laravel project on Github.
  • Kelvin de Moya
    Kelvin de Moya gave a talk called "Redux and the Modern Web" at a university.
  • Pawel Chojnacki
    Pawel Chojnacki completed the official self-paced Docker Training from Docker.
  • Anna Piekarska
    Anna Piekarska attended Frontownia, a front-end meetup in Poznan.
  • Sven Berg Ryen
    Sven Berg Ryen gave a talk called "Staging and Deployment of Content in Drupal 7" at DrupalCamp Oslo.
  • Rubens Mariuzzo
    Rubens Mariuzzo completed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect course.
  • Jedrzej Kurylo
    Jedrzej Kurylo earned 10,128 reputation points on StackOverflow.
  • Vanja Petreski
    Vanja Petreski finished reading "JIRA Development Cookbook" and got started with JIRA development.
  • Andrew Stratu
    Andrew Stratu attended SmashingConf Barcelona with 15 other X-Teamers.
  • Joel Costa
    Joel Costa created React Native Logentries, a React Native library for remote logging.

We grow together.

Motivation only exists through inspiration, and the constant achievements being posted by our developers helps them discover new skills to learn and ways to keep growing.

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Hear X-Team's CEO talk about the importance of Unleash+ and surrounding yourself with people who are always growing and exploring.

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Every year, we host an adrenaline boosting event called UnleashConf that invites X-Teamers to a medieval city to learn, grow and do epic activities together.

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One of the ultimate perks of being an X-Teamer is your Unleash+ membership, which gives you $2,500 per year to use toward activities that keep you energized so you can learn, grow and unleash your potential.

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