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Unleash your potential.

We'll work with you 1-on-1 to motivate and fund you to learn, grow and build a legacy.

Work from anywhere.

We are 100% remote, meaning you can work from wherever you’re most productive.

Experience a futuristic culture.

You’ll soon discover we aren’t just a tech company. As Biz Stone (Twitter) once said about us, "These guys are from the future."

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Hear from X-Teamers

  1. X-Team is amazing because you can work from anywhere, contribute to the most challenging projects, and keep growing and expanding your skills.

    Wojtek Zajac Poland
  2. It's an inspiration to work for X-Team, which is not just a company, but also a motivated community, which suits me to no end.

    Paul McCrodden Ireland
  3. I feel so lucky to be a part of this community, and I will never get tired of repeating it. X-Team's moral compass, ethical framework and care for its developers are all immense factors into what makes X-Team an amazing place to be.

    Ali Uz Turkey
  4. Being surrounded by such great and talented people really helps inspire me to grow, both as a developer and as an individual.

    Kelvin De Moya Dominican Republic
  5. At other companies, it feels like the main goal is to add value to the company itself, and developer growth is a side effect. At X-Team it’s the opposite. At X-Team you feel part of a team, and the added value you get from the company is easy to perceive.

    Sergio Tashdjian Uruguay

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X-Team provides you with motivation and funding to help you capitalize on the extra time that you have working remote so you can explore your passions, stay healthy, travel, and keep growing.

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Unleash<br class='br--mobile'> potential.


One of the ultimate perks of being an X-Teamer is your Unleash+ membership, which gives you $2,500 per year to use toward activities that keep you energized so you can learn, grow and unleash your potential.

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Work remotely, or travel and work at one of our hacker houses (X-Outposts) around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It varies depending on our immediate needs and how quickly you respond to our questions and requests. On average, it can take 1-3 weeks.

More importantly though, after a decade of interviewing developers, we've learned how important it is to respect people's time. We will only ever ask for more of your time if we think you are a potential good fit, rather than waste your time going through unnecessary hoops.

If your skills, experience, and values align with a current opening we have, your chances of getting hired immediately are high. If we discover you're qualified, but all opportunities have been taken, we'll continue to work with you to help you get a role in X-Team. The key is having the most relevant, in-demand skills when you apply.

At our core, we are a developer-centric company. Once you join one of our partner teams, both our core team and our community will be there to support you every step of the way. Our developers often tell us how much they appreciate being part of such a supportive community of people motivating one another to learn, grow and unleash their potential.

The X-Team community is filled with opportunities to help you stay motivated, keep learning and growing, and focus on your mental/physical health. We also provide every developer with a $2,500/year budget to support those opportunities, spendable on anything from a gym membership, courses, conferences, massages, productivity apps, video games, and much more. It’s an entirely different atmosphere at X-Team than any other developer community.

Our community is also often meeting together at conferences and meetups (as well as our roaming hackerhouse, the X-Outpost).

When it comes to working with our partners, all you have to worry about is executing great work for them and then we handle the rest. We even pay our developers on a bi-weekly basis, which is pretty unheard of.

Each team in X-Team operates differently. Generally though, most teams work in an agile style with some form of daily standup (whether synchronous or asynchronous), a PM tool like Jira, and a TDD workflow.

Specifics regarding other team members, such as project managers or designers, will always vary, but all X-Teamers can attest to being on well-managed projects and teams.

When we have an opportunity to offer you, we'll discuss what time overlap our partner is looking for. That said, X-Team places a high priority on respectful, flexible scheduling and makes that clear to our partners before working with them.

Three scenarios can happen when a project comes to an end:

1. We'll line up another opportunity for you to move on to after your current project ends. This is actually the most common scenario and what we'll be aiming for once you join our community.

2. So long as you've committed to learning and growing and have kept your skills current throughout your time in X-Team, we will continue investing in you and keep you onboard for up to 3 months until we have a new opportunity for you. Other developer communities don't invest in you like this, but it's important to us.

3. If your skillset no longer aligns with what companies are looking for on their teams, we'll part ways until we're able to offer you a new opportunity that aligns well with your experience. This isn't as common in X-Team, as we work hard to motivate you to always be learning and growing so that your skills will always remain marketable.

We're most interested in developers who could begin work no later than a month out, but we can start the vetting process ahead of time as well.

Currently no, but we'd certainly love to someday.

All X-Team positions are full-time.