Frequently Asked Questions

X-Team is a development company that’s spent the last decade building a community of motivated developers from around the world. Today, we provide our developers (individually or as a team) to companies that need help scaling or leading their development team.

As Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone once said about us, “These guys are from the future.” We take a far more developer-centric approach in how we operate, which benefits both our partners and our developers, and also helps us deliver a more consistent, high-quality service.

Here are a few key areas that set us apart:

We are a developer-centric company.

The focus that we give to our developers to help them learn, grow and stay motivated is unheard of, and ultimately, that growth benefits each of our partners as well. Motivated developers are proactive and don’t need their hands held, they move projects forward constantly, and they’re committed to higher levels of standards. Learn more about how we help our developers unleash their potential.

We hire X-Teamers, not just developers.

Our vetting process is designed to find people who match our Keep Moving Forward culture and who are, simply put, great to work with.

X-Teamers are motivated, confident and communicate openly. We value communication skills and passion just as much as we do their technical ability. We’ve been in the industry for a decade now, and we’re really proud of how successful our vetting process is at providing consistency back to our partners.

Our team is your team.

Unlike other companies that disappear once the contract is signed, we want to see both our partners and our developers succeed, so we’re focused on supporting both sides to keep projects moving forward. Our team is your team, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Depending on the needs, situation and what we see as the best solution, it can vary. Normally, they can join within 1-3 weeks.

The standard minimum contract duration is 3 months.

Yes, we can provide individual developers or a battle-tested team. We’ve built teams of developers, ranging from 5 to 25 developers, for leading brands like RIOT Games, FOX Broadcasting and Kaplan Inc. You can check out some case studies here.

One of our teams recently helped develop the Node.js back-end for the slick Fox Now app.

Our developers normally join our partners on a full-time, fully dedicated basis. That said, if you’re interesting in building a long-term partnership that starts with part-time, we’re down to chat.

We keep our form short so that we can focus more on talking to you about your needs. After completing it, we’ll reach out to set up a time for us to chat more. Once we’ve gained a better understanding of the challenge at hand, we’ll then discuss with our teams and put forth the best X-Teamer(s) for your needs.

Our developers are located in more than 30 countries (and growing). As we’re sure you can agree, excellence has no borders. We don’t hire our developers based on their location but rather whether they live up to the high bar we’ve set. No need to worry about timezone overlap, as our team is quite flexible.

If there are any issues, we will certainly address them and come together with you on the best solution. If a developer ends up not being the right fit, we are happy to bring in someone else based on any new learnings about the best fit for your team.

If you need to take a break from our partnership or bring it to a close, you need only give us a 30 day notice so we can properly ramp down and allocate resources appropriately.

We spend time meeting developers at conferences, meetups, and in open source communities. However, after gaining popularity for a decade now, most new X-Teamers are referred by existing X-Team developers or have heard great things and apply through our vetting process.

X-Teamers are remote developers and join X-Team because we’ve created one of the best environments for them. That said, X-Teamers have in many instances come onsite to visit our partners and it’s something that we very much encourage when possible. It can be arranged with proper notice and agreement beforehand.

Assembled with precision.

Our technical account managers narrow down all of your preferences
to help you quickly build the right team with X-Team.

The right team.

Below, watch Kaplan Inc., one of the largest education companies in the world, explain why they partner with X-Team to build their products.