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We are motivated.

X-Team developers have a relentless desire to learn and grow, and they've consistently looked for ways to push themselves forward. That forward-driving motivation becomes a proactive work ethic on the projects they work on, ensuring they never need their hand held.

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We are motivated.
  1. No one moves projects forward more than developers who are motivated to do the same for their own personal growth. That’s who we hire.

    Ryan Chartrand, X-Team CEO
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We are disciplined.

We are disciplined in development techniques that make projects successful in the long run (testing, docs, peer reviews, etc.). Disciplined people never get comfortable pushing code they aren't proud of.

We build trust.

X-Teamers are pioneers in proactive communication, consistently delivering detailed progress updates and resetting expectations when needed.

They know trust is built through consistent actions, not words.

We build trust.

We are

X-Teamers have worked in the trenches for years, collaborating with their remote teams to make difficult decisions that weigh tradeoffs and achieve what's best for long-term maintainability.

We are active.

Developers actively involved in open source communities know how to code like the world is watching, and that's how great discipline is built.

X-Teamers are open source contributors who attend/speak at community events, contribute issues/PRs/docs/blogs/etc., and even write their own open source projects.

We are active.


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