Participate in the X-Team community, designed to help you connect, grow and explore your passions.

Our Slack community presents countless opportunities to learn, be inspired, get motivated, explore your passions in a variety of side quests and build friendships you'll have for many years.

Everyone in X-Team is incredibly supportive and respectful, so never fear contributing your thoughts to any channel.

And there really are plenty of channels. We have no doubt that you will find something interesting for yourself.


Reviews of various courses by X-Teamers. No better source to get reliable info on what to dig in next!

Politics, economy, philosophy, culture... all of these mix daily here with a healthy representation of various points-of-view.

A channel dedicated to all things crypto.

Every now and then, we get one of our X-Teamers to let everyone else Ask Me Anything about a certain topic. It's always fun and informative.

Need a quick laugh? Search no further.

Do you want to find someone to help you learn a language? A practice conversation partner? Someone to compete with in Duolingo?

Tips on how to "rite more goodly" to be found here.

Marvel or DC? Think carefully before answering...

All things music. Plenty of great new discoveries.

"If you hire someone to be the official "scrum master", you're already lost." - Agree? Disagree? Prefer the Waterfall? Discuss here.

Do you have an important talk coming up and need some tips on how to really drive it home? This would be the place to find assistance.

Star Trek? Star Wars? Star Gate? Dancing with the Stars?

If you prefer getting your own hands dirty and gluey instead of just ordering online, you'll be in good company here.

A treasure trove of great documentaries. Got a good one? Share!

When you want to listen to your music at a heavenly level of clarity and detail, this is the place for you.

Quests & Clubs

BOOM HEADSHOT! Join one of our "LAN"-Parties or just get a little indie game and share your impressions with the community.

#origins-rpg && #origins-rpg-ooc
The main storyline of the X-Universe as played out by X-Teamers. Join in and help make the world a better place through a Dungeons-and-Dragons-like game mechanic!

A story-prequel of #origins-rpg and played out not by rolling virtual dice but rather by getting your behind up and moving. Your participation supports a charity as well.

If you need a second opinion on that piece of equipment you're buying or just want to chat about your favorite focal length, look no further.

A weekly culinary challenge! One recipe, one week to prepare it. Learn to make dishes from all over the world as instructed by our very diverse group of X-Cooks&Bakers!

A story-prequel of #origins-rpg and played out not by rolling virtual dice but rather by learning about productivity and implementing new productivity techniques. Your participation supports a charity as well.

Spy Quest is a Slack-based survival game (like #fit-quest) that will help motivate you to work in new environments more often. Gain x-coins and support a charity!

Who doesn't like a cold one? No better place to find tips about great beers you just have to try.

Good recommendations and discussions for anyone bitten by the book-worm.


General discussion about all things technology.

Questions & answers about AWS and related tech.

Got a quick question you need a quick answer for? This would be the place.

Got an open-source project you want to share? Found a cool one you want to point out? Want to discuss anything OS-related? This ist he perfect place for it.

Chat about all things React.

Not sure where to place that button? Mixed-reality user flows? This would be the place to discuss these issues.

The best place for serverless knowledge exchange.

How to assure quality? Do you know? Let us know. Do you want to know? Join here and make it happen.

The meeting place for lovers of Go - the language, not the game.

Running Linux? Want to talk about Linux? #linux won't leave you hanging.


A channel where our very own Yoga Master Paul shares videos of exercises that make anyone feel better and healthier. Check it out!

The channel dedicated to crotch-rockets, cruisers, and everything in between. Also the staging ground for the 2018 X-Team Motorcycle Trip.

The channel for lovers of motor-less 2-wheeled travel. There are plenty of avid cyclists in X-Team, and this is the place to meet them.

Well, do you?

We love traveling, and we have quite a few almost-perpetual travelers. Everything about the digital nomad lifestyle, various destinations, helpful tips, and more, here.

A channel for permaculture, gardening, farming and general eco-living discussion.

Outposts & Conferences

In November 2017, the first X-Team conference will take place in Krakow, Poland. Join the channel for related info and discussion.

#x-outpost-brasil && #x-outpost-colombia && #x-outpost-southafrica
The channel for those wanting to participate in the Colombian, Brazilian, and South African outposts in early 2018.

And the list goes on. Browse channels in Slack to discover even more.