Class: Psychic

Origin Story

The Magician.

An intellectual and thoughtful being, Zero believes that knowledge and technology are the forces that drive the universe forward and he’ll fight against anything that tries to take those two precious things away from any living being.

He’s in a crusade of helping people discover their true potential in life, driving those around him out of the status quo. He has been led by the example of his legendary grandparents, which taught him everything he knows. Now he is leading others on his own.

Zero is a master of teletransportation, which is his trademark. Tales across the universe link him to a wide variety of unconfirmed skills, most notably mind controlling abilities, which is most likely just highly developed social engineering.

As of now, it’s a mystery whether Zero possesses real super powers or if he has invented technology so advanced that even his own people refer to him as “The Magician” sometimes.

Home Planet


Elon was colonized by humans centuries ago. While the Elonians' appearance resembles that of the people of Earth, they are so advanced that they are not considered humans anymore. Elon is a fully sustainable planet with an incredible amount technology. Elon is a leading example in the universe in the fields of nanotechnology, bioengineering and artificial intelligence.