The Passagist

Class: Psychic

Origin Story

Defender of Gistlion

The Passagist, born and raised on Planet Gistlion, was trained to become one of its defenders. He later answered the call to join the X-Team to protect the universe.

He is deeply interested in understanding how everything works at its lowest level and constantly translating his understandings to different contexts and scenarios.

He strongly believes that knowledge sharing is what has kept civilization together and believes that life itself is not what our limited senses can interpret, but that there is a more meaningful link we have yet to discover.

Home Planet


An intriguing place where not many people go outside due to the low temperatures and little sunlight. It is believed that the planet was once covered in an ocean full of creatures and only big mountains emerging from it, but all records since its colonization have suggest it has always been frozen. Many people there choose to live underground while others live in Trods, a rare looking building that connects to the underground.